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Volvo was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1927 with a start-up capital of just 350,000 kronor (about 29,500 Swiss francs). Today, it is one of the world's most successful car manufacturers, renowned for its developments in the areas of safety and innovation.

In Switzerland, Volvo's success story began relatively late, in 1954, when Fritz Häusermann, who at the age of 22 already owned a car rental business, a driving school and a chauffeur service, first encountered the brand at the 1953 Amsterdam Motor Show. There, on 18 March 1954, he signed an agreement with the then managing director of Volvo to import cars and trucks. A year later, he imported the Swedish cars to Switzerland for the first time.

What is Volvo known for?

  • Safety: Volvo set a new standard in advanced safety systems in 1959 and was the first company to introduce the three-point seat belt. Its success was significantly influenced by their patent release.

  • Environmental friendliness: Volvo aims to be carbon-neutral by 2040. To achieve this, the Swedish manufacturer will phase out the combustion engine completely by 2030. From then on, only electric cars will be sold.

  • Driving comfort: Volvo cars are renowned for their exceptional driving comfort. First-class seats, extensive equipment and air suspension, as in the Volvo XC60, make long journeys extremely pleasant

What is Volvo's value for money?

Volvo is known for its premium cars with extensive equipment options and robust design. Despite their premium character, the models are available at an attractive price. The value for money is particularly good for those who value quality, durability and advanced safety features.

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Fun facts about Volvo

  • Patent release: Volvo introduced the three-point safety belt in 1959 - but more importantly, instead of keeping the patent and profiting from it, the manufacturer released the patent rights to everyone to improve safety for the public.

  • Origin of the name: The name 'Volvo' comes from Latin and means 'I roll'. The name was originally registered in 1911 for a ball bearing company. However, this plan was abandoned, and the name was used instead for the newly established car division - a choice that proved to be highly appropriate.

  • Polestar: Starting out as a racing team and tuning division of Volvo Cars, Polestar has developed into an independent brand within the group, specialising in high-performance electric vehicles.


Advanced safety systems, distinctive Scandinavian design or a strong commitment to environmentally friendly technologies. There are many ways to describe a Volvo. They all have one thing in common: the brand is unique and stands out from the crowd.

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