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Offering high quality and affordable cars for the masses is the core philosophy of the brand that calls itself "The People's car". Based on its philosophy, VW has become one of the world's largest car manufacturers over the last decades.

In Switzerland, too, VW has come to be known and loved, initially due to the Beetle. In the 1950s it became a symbol of the Swiss economic miracle and established itself as one of the most popular cars in the country. Its reliability and economy made it the ideal choice during the economic boom.

What is VW known for?

  • A wide range of models: From efficient small cars to spacious SUVs, Volkswagen offers its customers a wide range of models, one of which is sure to suit you.

  • Reliability and quality: Durability and high quality are core brand promises at Volkswagen, making it particularly popular with families.

  • Safety technologies: With advanced assistance systems and connectivity solutions, Volkswagen offers its customers a safe and connected driving experience at a fair price.

How good is VW's value for money?

Value for money is not just a buzzword at Volkswagen. It is part of the Group's brand identity, offering high quality and advanced technology at an attractive price. With the Carvolution car subscription, these benefits are complemented by the flexibility and convenience of the subscription, so that customers like Daniel can benefit from attractive conditions and a carefree driving experience.

Volkswagen: Wide selection of models at attractive subscription prices

As the leading car subscription provider in Switzerland, Carvolution offers a selection of the most popular VW models, from small cars to SUVs. You can enjoy the quality and versatility of the vehicles without a long-term commitment and with full flexibility.

Fun Facts about VW

  • VW logo: Few other car manufacturers have such a recognisable logo. The design has changed very little over the years, compared to other manufacturers.

  • Recordbreaker: In 2014, a modified version of the rather unassuming VW Beetle set a new world record for the highest speed in a Beetle at over 328 km/h.

  • Iconic VW Beetle: One of the best-selling and most iconic cars of all time. It was originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche and is one of VW's best-known models.


Volkswagen is certainly a manufacturer that has moved and inspired many customers with its proven tradition, quality and longevity. The Carvolution car subscription offer makes access to this even more flexible, attractive and, above all, affordable.

In addition to VW, Seat and Ford are two other brands that are very popular in Switzerland and offer comparable value for money.

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