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Having a breakdown is always annoying. But with Carvolution it's pretty easy. The solution? Call Mobi24 support. Read this blog post to find out exactly how it works.

The breakdown

It always happens at the worst possible moment, of course when you have absolutely no time to wait for a towing service. But now you're wondering what exactly you should do if your car breaks down? Don't despair. The Carvolution all-inclusive bundle also includes a breakdown service. Contact Mobi24 assistance - it's available 24/7. You can find the number in the application, but just in case: +41 31 389 81 10. Mobi24 will provide roadside assistance, as well as towing to the nearest partner garage if necessary.

Frequently asked questions

How much do I have to pay for roadside assistance?

This is included in the Carvolution all-inclusive package. The insurance covers costs up to CHF 1,000.

Do I have to organise the breakdown service or towing service myself?

No, always contact Mobi24 Assistance. Otherwise, the insurance will not cover the damage.

How can I get home if my car cannot be repaired the same day?

    You will be provided with a replacement vehicle that you can easily drive home in.

    What happens if I want to continue my journey immediately?

    Mobi24 Assistance will work with you to find a good solution.

    Help in case of breakdown

    As you can see, Carvolution will always help you in the event of a breakdown. Just contact Mobi24 assistance. Do you need a new car? Then you can find all our cars at a glance here. What do you think of an electric car?

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