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Buying a new car is often associated with high costs - a used car seems more attractive and, above all, cheaper. However, buying a second-hand car has its pitfalls, and time and again the supposed dream car turns out to be an expensive nightmare in the end. In this blog post, you can find out why a car subscription can not only be an advantageous alternative, but may even end up being cheaper for you.

After years of buying second-hand cars, Daniel decided to take out a Carvolution car subscription. When he had to take his car to the motor vehicle inspection, he realised that it would no longer pass the test. What now? Should he buy a new second-hand car? The risk was too high for him: "Even if the car can run smoothly for three to five years, it can happen that the turbo fails after a few months, for example, and then you simply have high and unexpected costs." He finally came across Carvolution thanks to a tip from a work colleague. He is now driving a new car for the first time in his life. But that's just one of the advantages he appreciates with a car subscription compared to a second-hand car.

Transparent costs and minimal effort

Hidden defects or mechanical problems that only occur after purchase are unfortunately a common occurrence with second-hand vehicles. This is not only annoying, but also quite expensive. As the warranty has often expired, repairs can be quite expensive. The actual costs for your used car are therefore unpredictable.

But even if the used car works perfectly, there will come a time when it either has to be sold on or disposed of due to age and wear and tear. This can be frustrating, especially if the resale value is lower than expected or if disposal is imminent.

With the Carvolution car subscription, you don't have this risk. On the contrary: you know exactly what costs you can expect. The fixed monthly price covers all expenses, including fully comprehensive insurance, registration, taxes, service & maintenance, tyres and initial vignette. Daniel also greatly appreciates this cost transparency: "With the car subscription, I now know relatively precisely what costs I will incur over the next twelve months. Although I had reservations at the beginning, I now simply pay the monthly price and drive completely worry-free". Also because the Carvolution service is included in the subscription: from registration in your canton of residence to service and maintenance as well as the annual tyre change - with Carvolution you don't have to worry about a thing.

High safety standard thanks to new(-value) cars

Daniel doesn't have to worry about safety with his car subscription either. As you only get new or as-new cars that are no more than three years old with a Carvolution subscription, the safety equipment is always of the latest generation. This cannot be taken for granted when buying a used car. If you buy a vehicle that is already eight years old, for example, it will not have Blind Spot Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Driver Drowsiness Alert and Traffic Sign Recognition, as well as other functions that are increasingly standard in newer models.

More comfortable driving with a car subscription

Head-up display, high beam assistant or smartphone interface - features like these are often a matter of course in many of today's latest generation vehicles and make driving more comfortable. The Focus that Daniel subscribed to offered even more than he had expected. Even though he hasn't even tried out many of the functions yet, there was one thing that particularly appealed to him: "The smell of a new car is great. I didn't have that before and it's a really great feeling."

Car subscription: driving pleasure without risk

Buying a used car can be an attractive and cost-effective option for many drivers. However, it does harbour some risks, especially if hidden defects or damage only become apparent after the purchase. These unexpected problems can lead to expensive repairs and quickly turn the initial dream car into a nightmare.

A car subscription from Carvolution presents an innovative alternative to minimise these uncertainties. With clear monthly costs, transparent benefits and state-of-the-art, safe vehicles, it offers a convenient way to be mobile. Daniel, who opted for a car subscription, emphasises the benefits: "Today I drive a new Ford Focus, which is excellently equipped and if I scratch it, I get a replacement car. For me, the car subscription is a luxury that is worth the money."

Are you considering buying a used car anyway? We have put together a checklist in this blog post so that you know exactly what you should look out for when buying.

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