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What needs do car drivers have? They could not be more different. Some are economical, others like to be comfortable and still others like to remain flexible in terms of time.

Whereas in the past the brand and horsepower were at the centre of the decision to buy a new car, today other factors are becoming increasingly important. In addition to criteria such as brand, design or comfort, sustainability and the total cost of the new car now influence the decision considerably. According to German car expert Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer: "The absolute price of a new car is playing an increasingly unimportant role for buyers and the monthly instalment is becoming a criterion for the client." According to a study, car-related costs are often underestimated considerably, which is why many car owners complain about unexpected costs such as service or repair costs. This annoyance is probably one of the reasons why more and more Swiss people are opting for their own car on a Carvolution subscription. According to Dudenhöffer: "The car subscription is simple, transparent and cost-effective for the customer." According to a study, 40% of newly redeemed cars will be driven on a subscription by 2030.

The Carvolution car subscription

The fact that the car subscription is also becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland is demonstrated by the young start-up Carvolution. Customers select their car online in just a few clicks, choose the kilometre package, minimum term and deductible for comprehensive insurance and have their car delivered to their door. The fixed monthly price includes everything related to the car: insurance, taxes, cantonal redemption, service and tyres. The total cost of owning a car is always in view and no financial risks are taken.

As everywhere, categorisations can be found at Carvolution. There are those who have a clear budget, those who want to be flexible at all costs and those who are open-minded. The needs are quite different. All of them, however, make sure that they drive their new car easily and inexpensively.

Overall car budget

A new car doesn't have to be expensive, as Carvolution shows with the Dacia Spring Step 1 Edition, for example. The electric car can be driven for as little as 299 francs per month. Those who want to keep their car budget low often see the car not as a status symbol but as a means of transport. They include new drivers, those who live in a city but still need a car from time to time, or families who want to keep their car costs as low and clearly calculable as possible.

And so that only what is actually used is paid for, the kilometre package can be adjusted monthly in the Carvolution app. Economical customers usually choose longer minimum terms and prefer mid-range cars.

Holding period of the car

With Carvolution, the minimum duration can be chosen between 3 months and 4 years. This suits flexible car drivers. They want an SUV for the winter months, a family car for 3 or 4 years or an electric car to try out whether electromobility suits them. But pensioners also belong in this category, they often don't know how long they will continue to drive a car.

Flexible car drivers look for the right car depending on their personal situation and change cars flexibly. At Carvolution, they find exactly the car that suits their rapidly changing life situation. Unlike leasing or buying, with Carvolution you can drive a new car for just a few months. There is no typical model that is chosen. The minimum terms are between 3 and 48 months. However, it is noticeable that among flexible drivers, the electric or hybrid car is a popular choice.

Saving time

There are many who no longer want to worry about insurance, cantonal redemption, servicing or changing tyres. So-called full-service leases are nothing new in this respect but compared to a car subscription, they are expensive.

The inexpensive alternative is Carvolution. In the all-inclusive bundle, there is no longer any need to worry about car administration, Carvolution takes care of that. And with the app, monthly invoices and the mileage are always in view. An accident or damage to the car can be reported directly in the app with just a few clicks. Customers can choose any car in any category; what is most important to them is that they do not have to worry about anything.


It can be said that Carvolution's clientele is as diverse as the offer itself. They are women and men, singles and families, pensioners and new drivers. They all appreciate its value for the quality-price ratio, the convenience of not having to worry about anything to do with their car and the flexibility of being able to return it after their chosen minimum term or exchange it for another one. They can choose their dream car from over 35 models of various brands and configure their subscription.

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