A car for one or a few weeks? You certainly know such thoughts from planning holidays. For this time period at a remote location renting a car is ideal. You have a car waiting for you at all times, you can make trips, you don't have to worry about anything except the tank and you don't have to tie yourself to anything.

I think all of this can be summed up by two central advantages of the car rental: the flexibility and the all-inclusive component. This also includes the immediate availability of the car and the simple car rental return. As adequate a car rental is suitable for holidays, as difficult it proves for everyday life. The price for the rental car looks reasonable for a short period of time and there is no big capital outlay, and because you will be considering only the absolute out of pocket costs. That means: If you pay for a simple car about CHF 500 for 2 weeks, it doesn't seem so expensive. If the car were to be kept for 1 month, it would cost CHF 1000 already. The example could now be further calculated for longer durations. As a result, the car rental is relatively expensive and therefore primarily aimed at short rental periods. So far, apart from the relatively high costs, we have only talked about the advantages of renting a car. But who does not know how sparsely equipped rental cars are that have to be returned at the same place of pickup? I'm sure you've been annoyed about that, too. So wouldn't it be cool you could have the advantages of car rental without the disadvantages and the high cost? You can do that now.

Carvolution makes the benefits of renting suitable for long periods and everyday.

Carvolution offers a mobility service that is more of a substitute for the car purchase, while integrating the benefits of a car rental. This could make you feel like on vacation every day.


While you pay a high price for flexibility on one hand, you do not have any flexibility when you buy a car despite your high capital expenditure, but it is cheaper in the long run. Carvolution on the other hand offers you maximum flexibility to a moderate monthly flat rate. There is no long term binding contract and you can cancel at any time with a short notice period. You still have the option to return your car for a few months if you don't need it then. You can even change the car for free every 6 months if you feel like it. Carvolution delivers the car directly to you, no matter where you are. So you have at least the same flexibility of a rental.


Similar to renting a car, Carvolution offers you an all-inclusive package. However, you will receive top-equipped, new or as new vehicles with us. Thanks to the subscription concept you do always know what your car costs. Included are not only the admission, insurance or maintenance service, but also roadside assistance and tyre changes. You just have to fill up the car as you drive. Unlike the rental car, this all-inclusive approach is not only for 2 weeks on vacation, but as long as you want it.

So if you are looking for a car, you are thinking of buying a car at the moment, but you don't want to miss the advantages of renting a car, then you should now choose your vehicle here.


Deals with down payment

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