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There are often various questions and uncertainties regarding the return of the car. After the minimum term has expired, the subscription can be cancelled monthly and a return date in Bannwil can be arranged. There are often various questions and uncertainties regarding the return of the car. Here you can find out what you need to know about the return and how you can avoid a unpleasant surprise in the end.

The end of the subscription

In your app, you can see when your car subscription started and how long your minimum contract period is. Once the minimum term has expired, you can cancel the subscription at the end of the respective contract month.

Here is an example: If you received the car on 10/14/2018 with a minimum term of 6 months, you can cancel it on 04/13/2019 at the earliest. The notice of termination must then be received by us by 14/03/2019 at the latest by e-mail.

The return date

After cancellation, we will reach out to you to find a suitable return date. If you have opted for a follow-up subscription, we will of course do our best to ensure that you can take delivery of your new car directly when you return it.

The return location

The return location for our cars is the Carvolution headquarters in Bannwil. There we have an Expert:innen team from the XpertCenter. It is important to us that a car return is professional and of high quality. We can currently only ensure these quality standards in Bannwil, as we have the right lighting and various lifting platforms here. This means that the team of experts can work together with our customers to ensure a clean return.

If it is not possible for you to bring your car to Bannwil, we offer to collect it. The car will then be transported to us in Bannwil by our logistics partner. Here, the professional repossession takes place through the XpertCenter.

The return protocol and expert assessment

The return protocol is drawn up by the XpertCenter expert team and signed by both parties. In accordance with our return standards, all signs of use and damage are documented. This means that you know the exact condition of the vehicle on the day it is returned. In most cases, that's it.

The bill after returning the car

Most final invoices consist of the settlement of a few extra kilometres or a broken rim. In all cases, a final invoice is always issued first by Carvolution and any depreciation is deducted. For example, the duration of the subscription has an influence on the depreciation. The older the car, the sooner a depreciation can be deducted.

Questions about returning the car

You have read something on the internet about car return and are sceptical? We play with open cards! Contact us so that we can show you pictures of the corresponding return. We know that final bills are never great. But at the same time, we also rely on professionally repairing vehicles in poor condition. Of course, all our customers are free to have any damage repaired themselves before returning the car.

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