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This is the third version of the Citroën C3, which has been on the market since 2017. Citroën, a car company that has always been ahead of the game in terms of design and attention to detail, does not disappoint with this model either. But it is not only a beautiful car, it is also fun to drive. Convince yourself!

Citroën = design... at a first glance

What you immediately notice on this car is the huge front end. Thanks to the three lighting systems, you will certainly always find your way in the dark. The daytime running lights are on top on each end, followed by the large headlights in the middle. At the bottom are the fog lights. But it is not only the front end with the lights that is immediately striking, but also the car itself with its various details. The same goes for the generous Airbumps that characterize this car. These coverings protect against dents, scratches and other damage. Especially in narrow parking spaces, e.g. in the city, such damage can occur quickly. These Airbumps protect the bodywork. A small but fine detail is the coloured border in the design of this covering. It is present on the entire C3 line, which is available from Carvolution.


With the door handle alone, the infatuation for detail never ceases to assert itself. It has been replaced by a simple grab handle. Citroën has integrated a grab handle that is normally only seen in designer furniture stores. In addition, the seats are embroidered with a colourful accent. But this car impresses not only by its style, but also by its comfort. While driving, you sit very comfortably, whether tall or short. Having said that, the word “sporty” would not be appropriate here, but that is not the purpose of this car, which is safe and comfortable either. Colourful accents can also be found on the dashboard. Here, imitation leather was used, which softens the straight side and provides a chic design. It is well known that Citroën has always been one step ahead of the competition in terms of design. This can also be seen in this car. Every detail has been carefully thought out and nothing has been left to chance. Furthermore, this car, which you can get from Carvolution, is equipped with a touch screen. You can easily connect your mobile phone via Apple CarPlay or Android. An Aux or USB slot is included as well. So you can charge your mobile phone while driving. Generally speaking, the cabin is very spacious. The view to the front is pleasant and the view to the rear is always good thanks to the different mirrors. Safety is a top priority here. The steering wheel is slightly flattened at the bottom, which provides a pleasant and secure grip, and the imitation leather edging also provides a comfortable feeling.

Space conditions

The Citroën C3, proposed by Carvolution, can accomodate 5 people. The back seat is quite large for a compact car and the middle seat offers plenty of room. Overall, legroom in the back seat is good, even for tall people. It should be noted, however, that 5 people measuring more than 2 meters may have difficulty sitting comfortably in this car. The trunk is 5 centimetres longer than the previous model. This is especially noticeable in the central area. The tailgate is straighter than before, resulting in a trunk volume of 300 litres. That is more than enough space for shopping or even to take two or three suitcases in vacation.


The new version of the Citroën C3 is now also equipped with a rear view camera and not just sensors. In addition, a cruise control has also been installed. The 110 hp engine is a pretty powerful engine given the compactness of this car. You’ll notice it when driving. The car has a good grip and is pleasant to drive. With 5'500 rpm, there is still room for improvement, as it is not an extremely powerful engine either.

Driving pleasure

As mentioned earlier, the seats are very cosy and soft, an additional factor that promotes the driving pleasure. This comfort extends into the touch of the road. The car has been designed for comfortable and relaxed driving. But what exactly is a comfortable driving experience? It starts with the damping and suspension system. The chassis is very flexible and the Citroën C3 also handles curves accordingly. Of course, it's not a race car, but yet the driving experience is extremely enjoyable. Whether in the city or in the country, this car is easy to drive. The steering wheel is not too stiff accordingly, which means that the entire car offers a very relaxed and safe driving experience.


The Citroën C3, that Carvolution proposes, is well designed from start to finish. Whether it is the lights, the Airbumps or the colourful accents in the cabin. It is a car with an interesting look and in the typical Citroën design range: off the beaten track, but in a positive sense. But the car is not only attractive, it is also easy to drive. With the necessary push, you'll move quickly when and where you want. Whether in the city or in the country, this car is suitable for all roads.

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