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You have found your new car on and now you want to subscribe to it? But you're wondering how exactly the subscription configuration works? Find out what you need to know and how you can get your new dream car in the blog.

Dream car found

You have found your new car and would like to start your adventure? Then the next step is to configure your subscription. This means you select your kilometre package, the minimum term, the deductible for comprehensive insurance and your canton of residence.

  • Mileage package

How much do you drive on average per month? Rather little? Then the 850 km or 1200 km kilometre packages suit you. If that's not enough, you can choose between 1850 km, 2500 km or 3250 km. However, if you notice that you drive more or less km per month than your selected kilometre package, you can adjust it yourself in the app.

  • Deductible

In the next step, you select the deductible for the comprehensive insurance. Here you have the choice between: CHF 500, CHF 1,000 and CHF 1,500. The insurance covers third-party liability incl. bonus protection with a CHF 0 excess, partial cover, fully comprehensive cover, top car assistance: 24-hour breakdown assistance with replacement car (insurance number CHF 1,000), headlights (additional glass insurance), accident insurance for driver and passengers. You can also take out optional insurance against parking damage and traffic legal protection insurance.

  • Minimum duration

Then you have to decide how long you want to drive your car for: 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 months? After your chosen minimum term, you can easily return your car, exchange it for another one or continue to drive it and return it with a 30-day notice period.

  • Canton of residence

Last but not least, select your canton of residence and you have already configured your subscription.

Did you see how easy that was?

Your car will be delivered to your doorstep

Once you have configured your subscription, your car will be prepared, redeemed, the number plates ordered and ready for collection within 10 days if it is in our warehouse. If the car has an explicit date, your car will be available within 10 days of that date. Some cars are still being procured, so it takes a little longer for these cars.

If you would like to have your new car delivered to your doorstep, to work or to the airport, that's no problem at all. The main thing is that the place of delivery is in Switzerland. We do not charge for time or distance, but a flat rate of 195 Fr. for delivery. If you don't want that, you can pick it up directly from our headquarters in Bannwil free of charge. Once you're with us, we'll be happy to give you a look behind the scenes. You'll also get to know our team and see the garage full of cars. You can also have a good cup of coffee or tea until we hand you the keys to your new car. Then you can sit in your new car, feel the steering wheel between your fingers and start your adventure.

Deals with down payment

With our down payment deals, you benefit from an even lower car subscription price. Discover various brands and receive your non-binding offer!

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