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The car subscription is becoming increasingly popular. Experts predict that 40% of motorists will drive a car on a subscription basis by 2030. What is the car subscription, how exactly does it work and what is included? All this is explained in 5 points in this blog post.

1. How it works

You simply choose your new car online at Carvolution.ch. You can choose between a small car, an SUV, a sedan, various hybrid and electric cars and, of course, estate cars. Once you have found your dream car, the next step is to configure your subscription. You decide on insurance coverage,kilometrage package and how long you want to drive your new car. Then click on "order" and after about 10 working days you can either pick your car up in Bannwil or have it delivered directly to your door. It is registered in your name in your canton of residence.

2. Simplicity - the all-inclusive bundle

With the car subscription, you drive your new car in an all-inclusive bundle. This means you don't have to worry about insurance, cantonal registration, taxes, tyres or tyre storage, nor about service and maintenance. We take care of all that. If your car needs new tyres in spring or autumn, we will contact you, then you choose a partner garage and make an appointment according to your availability. In the meantime, we send your tyres to the partner garage of your choice and the tyre change can be carried out without any complications. It's that simple.

3. Value for money - a fixed monthly price

All car-related costs are included in a fixed monthly price. The total cost of your car can be seen at a glance, so you are always aware of how much your car costs per month. The costs of the Carvolution car subscription seem high at first glance. This is because the costs of leasing or purchasing a car are not clearly spread over the whole year. However, if you add up all the costs, a Carvolution car subscription is up to 47% more affordable than leasing.

4. Flexibility - the car subscription adapts to your life

Life changes all the time, that's why the car subscription adapts to your life. Would you like to drive a convertible in summer and an SUV in winter? No problem. You choose the minimum duration of your car subscription yourself, whether it is 3, 6 or 36 months. After this period, you can keep your car, exchange it for another one or simply return it - it's that simple.

If you notice that your chosen kilometrage package no longer suits you, you can also adjust it every month. This way, the car subscription always fits your needs and you never pay too much. The app allows you to have an overview of your subscription at all times, both in terms of kilometrage and bills.

5. Wide choice - different makes and models

We offer a wide range of cars, see for yourself on our website. All of them are well-equipped and have various safety features. So you always arrive safely at your destination and feel comfortable driving. The models are usually available in white, silver-grey, anthracite or black. We also offer more colourful options for some models. It's best to contact us if you have a specific colour preference.

In a nutshell

As you can see, you have nothing but advantages with the Carvolution car subscription. You don't have to worry about anything regarding your car, you drive exactly the car you want and for as long as it suits your life. Thanks to the monthly fixed price, you always have an overview of your costs and you never pay too much. You will also find an overview of Carvolution and the car subscription.

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