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In this interview, co-founder and CMO Léa Miggiano explains how she successfully launched the car subscription on the Swiss market. She also discusses why the car subscription is becoming increasingly popular as a simple alternative to buying and leasing. Within a short time, it has simplified the lives of drivers and reduced the costs of owning a car. She talks about the successes and the future of the Carvolution car subscription.

Léa, what exactly is a car subscription?

Léa: The car subscription is an alternative to buying and leasing a car. Our customers can choose their own car from over 35 models of various brands. They can drive it for as long as they want, be it 3 months or 3 years. And with the all-inclusive package, they don't have to worry about anything. Insurance, taxes, tyres, cantonal redemption, service & maintenance and the first toll sticker are included in the fixed monthly price.

How does ordering a car subscription work?

On Carvolution.ch, you can choose the ideal car from over 35 models of various brands. Be it a small car, an SUV or an electric car. The next step is to configure the subscription. One is the kilometre package. You can choose between 4 different kilometre packages, which can also be adjusted later in the app. The minimum term is also selected. This can be 3 months or 3 years. In a final step, the insurance benefit and the canton of residence are selected. Then we prepare the car and order the licence plates. If desired, the car can also be delivered to your door.

How did you come up with the idea?

I needed a car myself and quickly realised that leasing or buying a car didn't suit me. It was cumbersome and inflexible. In addition, the costs for a car are spread out over the whole year in a confusing way. That's why I wanted to find a solution that would make it easy for me to drive my own car. Everything should be included, all costs should be visible at a glance. At the same time, I heard about the car subscription concept from the USA. It was exactly what I had in mind. I asked around and quickly realised that there was interest in a car subscription in Switzerland.

Friendly customer service, top-equipped cars and highly attractive prices, that's our recipe for success. Our customers drive their new car easily and at a very reasonable price. This popularity can also be seen in the statement of experts: By 2030, car subscription models will reach a market share of 40%.

Were some sceptical at the beginning?

Sure, when something new is created, some are always sceptical about whether it will work. But that didn't stop me. Questions were raised as to whether it needed to be an alternative to buying and leasing a car, what a car on subscription is anyway and then even cheaper than leasing or buying a car?

Our costs seem high at first glance, but it should not be forgotten that insurance, taxes, tyres and service are already included in the fixed monthly price. If you compare the total costs of a purchased or leased car with those of a car subscription, it quickly becomes clear that the car subscription is an inexpensive alternative.

We buy our cars, insurance and tyres in large quantities and we pass these quantity discounts directly on to our customers, which is why we are so inexpensive.

Which cars do you offer?

Our customers can choose from over 35 different models of various brands. You can find out which brands they are here. Whether it's a small car as your first car, an SUV for the whole family or an electric car to try out. As you can see, there is something for everyone. The car is also becoming less and less of a status symbol. Many people want a car that is safe and comfortable. And that's exactly what we offer at Carvolution. Our cars are top equipped. From safety to entertainment to comfort - all our customers feel safe and comfortable.

You will also find an overview of Carvolution and the car subscription.

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