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You can either drive a car on a subscription basis with a specific provider, such as Carvolution, or with a garage, such as Auto-Kunz. But what exactly are the differences? Read the blog and find out.

Car subscription provider

Car subscription providers, such as Carvolution, offer a specific service. This means that the focus is entirely on the car subscription itself. The service and the subscription itself are constantly being developed and customers are given their money's worth. They are at the centre and should enjoy the all-inclusive package and the car subscription. It is tailored exactly to their needs. Carvolution also has an app, which is also tailored to the needs of the customer and developed further. The kilometre package, for example, can be adjusted on a monthly basis. Scratches, dents or accidents can also be reported in a few clicks in the app. The customer's life with the car subscription should be as simple and convenient as possible.

Carvolution, for example, also offers new and as-new cars with the best equipment, i.e. assistance and safety systems. So that you always arrive safely at your destination. The range of petrol, hybrid and electric cars is constantly being expanded.


As the car subscription became more and more popular, more and more providers entered the Swiss market. Garages are now also involved in the car subscription market. However, the focus of garages is usually on the sale of new or used cars. Therefore, garages often also offer used cars. Although the all-inclusive package is also included at garages that offer the car subscription, the minimum terms are usually shorter and the kilometre packages are not as varied as at Carvolution, for example. You notice that the core business is not the car subscription, but the sale.

What do you choose?

You decide what suits you best. It's up to you whether you prefer to drive a car on a subscription from a car subscription provider or whether it's okay for you if you don't have quite as much choice in the minimum term or the kilometre packages. If you decide to subscribe to a car from Carvolution, you will find an overview of all our cars here.

Deals with down payment

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