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The Carvolution car subscription is becoming more and more popular compared to buying and leasing. Whether it is a good alternative to buying and leasing a car and whether the monthly fixed price really includes everything except fuel and charging costs - these questions are answered below.

Customers drive their own new car on a subscription basis. This means that they first select their desired car online from over 35 models of various brands. Be it a small car, an SUV or an electric car. In a second step, they configure their subscription. They choose their kilometre package, decide whether they want to drive it for a few months or several years and determine the insurance deductible.

Afterwards, the car is prepared by Carvolution, redeemed and can be delivered to your doorstep if you wish. The monthly fixed price includes everything about the car: insurance, taxes, cantonal redemption, service and tyres. Customers only have to fill up or charge the car themselves. In the app, they always have their subscription at hand and an overview of their bills and of the kilometres driven. And if damage or an accident occurs, it can be reported directly in the app.

Customers always have one or two questions. A selection with answers is presented below.

General questions about the offer

Questions that are asked again and again are questions about the Carvolution car subscription itself:

  • Is everything really included in the all-inclusive package?

Yes, everything about the car is included. In other words: insurance, cantonal registration, taxes, service, tyres and other extras. Customers only have to pay for refuelling or charging, any fines and the annual toll sticker themselves.

  • The Dacia Spring is offered from 299 CHF/month, are there really no additional costs?

There are no additional costs around the car, in this case the Dacia Spring. In some cantons, the tax is slightly higher or depending on which kilometre package is chosen, the price may vary slightly. For all new customers, there is an initial flat rate of 390 francs. This price includes the preparation and registration of the car.

  • The costs seem high at first glance, why is that?

The monthly fixed price includes all costs related to the car. At first glance, the price seems high. But if you calculate all the costs and compare them with a bought or leased car, you will quickly notice that the car subscription price is significantly cheaper. With a purchased or leased car, the costs accrue throughout the year and the overview is quickly lost. With the monthly fixed price of the car subscription, the costs are always in view.

  • How long does it take from payment to delivery of the car?

If the car is available from stock, it takes around 10 working days. During these 10 days, the car is prepared, redeemed and the number plates and vehicle registration document are ordered.

  • Is there anything else that needs to be done after the order is placed?

No, there is no administrative work. If there is still an old car in the garage, Carvolution also helps to sell it at a fair price.

  • Will the car be delivered to my door?

Of course. Carvolution does not charge for time or distance, but a flat rate of CHF 195 for delivery. Alternatively, the car can be collected free of charge in Bannwil, at Carvolution's headquarters.

Questions about using the car

Once customers have taken delivery of their new car, they can use it as if it were their own. They can park it in the blue zone and let others get behind the wheel. New tyres, tyre changes or their storage are also taken care of and no further costs are incurred.

  • Can the car also be driven abroad?

Yes, the Carvolution car is like your own car and you can drive it abroad. The insurance cover is valid in Europe and the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, excluding Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

  • Can I lend the car to my friends or family?

Yes, that's no problem. Anyone with a valid driving licence in Switzerland can drive your new car.

  • Why do I have to choose a tyre partner?

The reason is simple. At the time of delivery, the car is equipped with the respective summer or winter tyres. When it is time to change the tyres, an appointment is made at the tyre partner garage selected by the customer. The garage then orders the respective tyres.

  • How do I report accidents or damage?

Damage can be easily reported in the Carvolution app. It can be documented in just a few clicks and the photos can be uploaded directly. Carvolution or a garage that repairs the damage then contacts the customer. If an accident occurs, customers contact Mobi24. Mobi24 is available 24/7 and can provide further assistance.

  • When is a service necessary?

The cars from Carvolution are all new or as good as new. A service will therefore only be necessary after some time. If a service request is made, no costs will be incurred. The service is also part of the all-inclusive package. Simply make an appointment for the service at a garage of one of the brand's representatives and the service will be carried out without any complications.

Questions about returning the car

If customers decide to return their car, they often ask how exactly this is done and whether there might be additional costs. But here, too, there are no unpleasant surprises.

  • Why does the take-back take place in Bannwil?

When the car is taken back, it is carefully inspected. Normal signs of use are distinguished from gross damage. If there was damage to the car that reduced its value, this must be charged, as is the case everywhere. However, the customer benefits from comprehensive insurance. A maximum of the agreed deductible must be paid per damage.

  • How exactly does the collection work?

The collection takes place in Bannwil. There, the car is inspected in detail. Normal signs of use are distinguished from gross damage. If there was damage to the car that reduced its value, this must be charged, as is the case everywhere.

  • Is it possible to buy the car after the end of the subscription?

Wherever possible, we will be happy to make a purchase offer. Unfortunately, not every car can be purchased at the end of the subscription period. If a purchase is possible, the purchase price will be submitted at the end of the subscription period, based on the market price and the condition of the vehicle.

The Carvolution car subscription

If not all questions have been answered or if you would like some advice, you can contact the Carvolution team by e-mail, by phone: +41 62 531 25 25 or by chat directly on the website. The sales agents will be happy to answer any questions and help with any uncertainties.

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