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The car subscription concept is becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. This was a reason for the TV station RTS to take a closer look at the new mobility concept.

Céline is a Carvolution customer and picks up her new car, a BMW X1 Hybrid, in Bannwil, at Carvolution's headquarters. RTS accompanies her as she gets handed over the car keys. For her, buying a car is no longer an option. She has subscribed to her new car for a year, she wants to remain flexible. She says of the car subscription: "I am convinced that the car subscription is the future. It fits perfectly with today's lifestyle and modern people."

RTS further reports that the Bernese start-up Carvolution introduced the car subscription to the Swiss market three years ago. Unlike leasing, everything about the car is included in an all-inclusive bundle: insurance, cantonal redemption, taxes, service and tyres. Only refuelling or charging has to be done by the customers themselves.

RTS raises the question whether it is not a little expensive. Léa Miggiano, co-founder and CMO of Carvolution, says: "If you buy a car and drive it for 20 years, it's cheaper than driving a car on a subscription. But if you only drive a car for 4 to 5 years, then the Carvolution car subscription is very appealing.

Marianne, another Carvolution customer, is also convinced by the car subscription. She tells RTS: "I always know immediately how much my car will cost me. Before, I had a second-hand car several times. Unforeseen repairs happened more and more often and they were not cheap. Now, if something happens to my car, Carvolution takes care of it and the costs are included in the monthly fixed price. I myself have nothing to do with it anymore."

RTS goes on to say that 40% of new registrations are already cars on subscription. These are private customers who, for example, need a car for skiing in winter.

But there are also many who only come to Switzerland for a few months because of the Corona virus and therefore only need a car for a few months.

The Netflix subscription model is venturing into the car industry: now cars, for a varied duration between 1 month and 4 years, are subscribed to and driven on Swiss roads.

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