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The automotive industry is in a state of transition and we will continue to see exciting trends and developments in 2024. The future of the industry will be shaped by electric cars, digitalisation and sustainability. This is probably one of the reasons why the car subscription concept is one of the most important trends of the coming years.

E-mobility on the rise

One trend that will continue to prevail in 2024 is the switch to electric and hybrid-powered cars. As concerns about environmental issues such as climate change and pollution continue to grow, consumers are increasingly looking for alternative forms of transport. Electric and hybrid cars produce significantly less greenhouse gases and other pollutants than traditional combustion engines. Despite these facts, some customers are still hesitant to switch to electromobility. This is also confirmed by Léa Miggiano, co-founder of Carvolution: "Range, charging options and price are the main reasons why some people are still deciding against it". However, these points are constantly being counteracted. For example, some e-mobility goals are set out in the "Electric Mobility Roadmap". This is an initiative launched by the Swiss government with the aim of driving forward the development of electromobility and thus achieving Switzerland's climate targets. One of the main aims of the roadmap is for half of all new registrations to be electric cars by 2025. For this to succeed, a well-developed charging network is needed. As of November 2023, there are more than 12,500 generally accessible charging stations across Switzerland, and the aim is to have 20,000 by 2050. Carvolution already has various purely electric cars, but also hybrid solutions to facilitate the transition.

Artificial intelligence in German vehicles

Another trend is cars equipped with AI that allow them to drive autonomously. While fully autonomous cars (level 5) are not yet widely used, things are already looking better for limited autonomous driving (level 3). More and more manufacturers are integrating various AI features into their cars and research into autonomous driving is continuing. Highly automated driving situations such as parking, traffic jams or driving in convoys are already taking place on a broad scale. Completely driverless cars on the roads will have to wait a few more years. Not least because of the legal framework conditions. It remains exciting to see what progress 2024 will bring.

Digital shopping experience as standard

The pandemic of the last few years has permanently changed the shopping behaviour of Swiss people. Even though the change from analogue to digital has already taken place at a good pace, the last few years have given an even more significant push towards digitalisation. This is also the case in the automotive sector. The number of car dealerships has declined noticeably. Since car buyers now have a new, easier way to purchase a car from home thanks to the push in online retailing, they no longer necessarily have to go to the dealer or brand representative. On the contrary, digital solutions are increasingly becoming the standard.

On, customers can easily order a new car online with just a few clicks. If direct contact is desired, the Carvolution team can be reached via chat, telephone +41 62 531 25 25 or e-mail at the standard times. Of course, customers can also inspect their new car on site in idyllic Bannwil, provided it is in stock there.

The car subscription is here to stay

According to a study by the CAR Institute, by 2030 40% of new cars will no longer be bought or leased, but will be delivered to customers as a car on subscription. Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer of the CAR Institute in Duisburg explains why the concept of owning a car on subscription is gaining popularity so quickly as follows: "The car subscription is simple, transparent and cost-effective for the customer," Prof. Dudenhöffer told Handelsblatt. The benefit of the car becomes central, with ownership moving into the background.

A car subscription means you get everything you need for your car at an All-in-One price: from insurance, registration, taxes, servicing, maintenance, tyres and other extras. You neither bear the financial risk, nor do you have to deal with a lot of negotiations at the car dealer or the insurance company. What's more, you can travel flexibly with the car that suits your needs and manage the subscription conveniently from the Carvolution app. Worrying about the car is a thing of the past.

The Swiss car subscription provider Carvolution offers around 50 different models of various brands. Customers can choose whether they want to subscribe to their new car for only 3 months or up to 4 years. Apart from fuel or charging costs and any fines, all car-related costs are included.

The global automotive industry is undergoing significant changes that are also noticeable in Switzerland. For example, the shopping experience is increasingly digital. Even the car trade is increasingly shifting to digital platforms. Elsewhere, sustainable drives are in such demand that even electric cars are among the bestsellers. And among the Swiss, the simple, flexible and inexpensive car subscription model from Carvolution is becoming increasingly popular. For example, you can also try out the ever-improving selection in electric mobility without making a long-term commitment. If you would like to learn more about the car subscription, you can find more helpful information or media articles here.

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