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New year, new car! The year 2021 is all about new cars. Find out on the blog those that are fashionable, those that are particularly safe and those that are trendy in terms of design.

Electric cars

Sustainability is an important topic for this new year, which is why electric cars will be one of the fashionable cars in 2021. Different brands (Audi, Mercedes, Opel and VW) will launch several new models on the Swiss market, ranging from small cars to luxury SUVs. Battery-powered electric vehicles have a better eco-balance than combustion engine vehicles, hence their growing popularity. For everyday use, small electric cars are particularly ideal, as they do not consume much electricity and have ample range for this purpose. Another strong point is their futuristic design, which has already been proven this year by the VW ID.3.

Family cars

Family cars must offer plenty of space for all family members, luggage or the dog, including the dog box. They must also be equipped with modern technology and innovative assistance systems. But the design should also be appealing. No other vehicle category must meet as many requirements as the family car. That is why the automotive industry is focusing on family-friendly cars at the beginning of 2021. Safety assistants systems are particularly important in this respect, whether it be lane departure warning system, brake assistant or the traffic sign recognition system. While the wagon has long been the family car par excellence, the SUV has increasingly emerged at the top performer in recent years and also in 2021 VW, Audi and BMW, among others, will present their new flagship models this year, all equipped with the usual state-of-the-art technology.


The hype for SUVs is far from over. In 2021, this car will once again be the most popular car among the Swiss. More than 70 new models are expected to be launched in 2021. However, there are not only new designs or generational changes, but also completely new models. Large luxury SUVs are no longer in the foreground, replaced by compact SUVs. And the trend towards electric cars is also emerging in the SUV segment, with the arrival on the market of many electric SUV-type cars, such as the Mercedes brand, for example. That said, it is not only electric SUVs that are making their entry into the market, but also SUVs from the Audi, BMW and VW brands.

Your dream car

Your dream car for 2021 is neither an electric car, a family car nor an SUV? Which criteria are important to you? Size?Power? Price? Tell us what your dream car looks like in 2021. Maybe you'll be driving it all soon

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