The future of the automotive industry will be shaped by electric cars, digitalisation and subscription concepts. Ownership is fading into the background and use is becoming increasingly important. This is probably one of the reasons why the car subscription concept, along with new technologies and developments, is one of the defining trends of the coming years.

Car subscription on the pulse of time

According to a study by the CAR Institute, by 2030 40% of new cars will no longer be bought or leased, but will be delivered to customers as a car on subscription. Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer of the CAR Centre in Duisburg explains why the concept of a car on subscription is gaining popularity so quickly: "The car subscription is simple, transparent and cost-effective for the customer." Prof. Dudenhöffer recently said in the Handelsblatt.

A car subscription means: driving a new car of your own and bearing no financial risks. In addition, thanks to the all-inclusive package for the car with insurance, taxes, services and tyres, you always have a clear view of the costs. And last but not least, you can be as flexible as you like.

The Swiss car subscription provider Carvolution offers around 35 models of various brands. Customers can choose whether they want to subscribe to their new car for only 3 months or up to 4 years. Apart from petrol or charging costs and any fines, all car-related costs are included.

The Carvolution car subscription concept is particularly attractive for electric cars, compared to buying or leasing. This is because the purchase costs of an electric car are high and the uncertainty among potential buyers as to whether an electric car fits into their everyday lives inhibits the decision to buy.

Electric cars on the rise

The share of electric cars has increased massively in Switzerland. In November 2020, they accounted for almost half of all newly registered cars. However, many do not decide to buy, but rather to subscribe to an electric car. This demand is clearly noticeable at Carvolution and it also shows in the offer. And the Dacia Spring Step 1 Edition shows that electric mobility does not have to be expensive. It can be driven for as little as 299 Swiss francs per month.

Despite this fact, some customers are still hesitant to switch to electric mobility. This is also confirmed by Léa Miggiano, co-founder of Carvolution: "Range, charging options and price are the decisive points why some still decide against it." This is also confirmed by a study by Deloitte: consumers put off buying electric vehicles because of the price and the range.

However, the infrastructure around charging options is growing steadily in Switzerland. The concerns are therefore unfounded. Carvolution customers can easily charge their electric car at over 2400 evapass charging stations. But also in multi-storey car parks or shopping centres there are more and more charging possibilities for electric cars, some of them even free of charge.

Therefore, if one decides to buy an electric car, customers at Carvolution can also drive it for a few months first to see if electric mobility suits them. The entry hurdle is therefore much lower.

There is no need to incur in high purchase costs or bear the risk of a rapid loss of value. If the electric car doesn't suit you, you can easily return it and switch to a hybrid, diesel or petrol car on a subscription basis.

Everything online

The pandemic has changed buying behaviour. This is also the case in the automotive industry. The number of car dealerships has decreased with the outbreak of the pandemic. Now that car buyers have a new, easier way to buy cars online thanks to the surge in online retailing, there is no longer a need to drive to the dealership.

At, customers can order a new car online with just three clicks. If direct contact is desired, the Carvolution team can be reached via chat, telephone +41 (0) 31 528 04 81 or via e-mail Of course, customers can also view their new car on site in Bannwil, if it is in stock there.

Carvolution Green Class - the mobility subscription

Combined mobility is also becoming increasingly important. That is why Carvolution Green Class offers a new car and public transport from a single source. With the takeover of the SBB Green Class, which is now called Carvolution Green Class, in addition to an electric or hybrid car in the subscription the GA 1st or 2nd class can also be ordered and, if there is interest, also the P+ Rail day parking.

Car trends in 2022

As it turns out, in 2022 ownership is taking a back seat and the utility of the car is coming to the fore. The Carvolution car subscription model is becoming increasingly popular. For example, it is also possible to try out electric mobility, which is also a trend in 2022. But not only the subscription itself, but also the digitalisation, will play an increasingly important role in 2022 due to the pandemic. Online trade is booming, and so is the automotive industry. Choosing a car online and having it delivered to your doorstep is the future.

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