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This summer's storms and heavy rain have left their mark, first and foremost on the roads. The pavements turned into raging rivers and cars were simply washed away. This also happened to the car of our customer Melanie S.. Read our blog post to find out exactly what happened and how Carvolution was able to help her quickly and easily.

The storm

Melanie was relaxing on the beach in Spain. The sun, a cool breeze and the sound of the sea made for a perfect day. Everything changed abruptly when her Swiss neighbour sent her a Whatsapp message. It was pictures and videos of his underground garage. Melanie was shocked. The storm in Switzerland with its thunderstorms, rain and hail affected many people. Everything was flooded: the underground garage, the basement, the fitness room. The cars were not even parked in the car park anymore, but had simply been washed away. It was a surreal image.

Melanie immediately booked a flight to Switzerland. She had to take care of everything, especially the cars. The family has two children and depends on two vehicles for daily life.

Carvolution reacts quickly

On the way back from the airport, Melanie phoned Carvolution's sales manager Rinaldo to find a solution as quickly as possible. In the meantime, the cars had already been collected and towed away by a local garage.

When Rinaldo, and later Cedric, Carvolution's Customer Success Manager, assured her that there would be no problem getting her a new car as soon as possible, it was a huge relief for Melanie.

Cedric made sure that she could drive a new car as soon as possible. When he saw that his previous car, the Mercedes-Benz GLC, would not be available for another month, he scrambled to find an alternative. For Melanie, the make and model were secondary at first; the important thing was to have a new car in the driveway quickly and easily. And so she found herself behind the wheel of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

A happy and satisfied customer

Melanie was delighted with how quickly and easily the whole process went. Her top priority was to get a new car as quickly as possible and Carvolution was able to do that. She also points out that throughout the process, communication was impeccable and everything went very quickly. Within 2 or 3 days, Melanie had her new car. She was happy to have one less thing to worry about with all the storm damage. It took a lot of stress out of the whole situation. All in all, it was done in 2 or 3 phone calls and in 2 or 3 days. Melanie is totally happy.

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