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If you drive your new car with a Carvolution subscription, you can choose from more than 30 different models of various makes. In this blog post you can find out what makes these cars special and what the car subscription includes.

The car of your dreams

Carvolution offers many different categories of cars on subscription. This way, your car always fits your life. A small car just for you? No problem. A sedan or SUV for the whole family with a dog in the boot? Carvolution has something for everyone. A hybrid or electric car? Don't wait any longer to start your adventure towards a greener future.

How are the cars equipped?

At Carvolution, you can't equip your new car yourself. However, we make sure that it is already well equipped. Thanks to the various assistance and safety systems, you will always feel safe and comfortable. You can find the specific equipment features of each car individually on the corresponding presentation page. Don't hesitate to ask for personal advice to find the right car and equipment for your needs.

What colours are the cars?

Most models are white, silver-grey, anthracite or black. Some models are also available in brighter colours, such as the Fiat 500 or the Renault Twingo. If you select a car on our website, you will find the available colours directly under the photos of the model concerned.

Where is the maintenance or tyre change carried out?

We work with an extensive network of service partners. This means that you can have your car serviced or your tyres changed near your home or workplace. The choice of garage depends on the make of the car. If you want to know which garages in your area are suitable for a particular car, just contact us.

What happens if I have an accident? Is a replacement car free?

If you have an accident, and we hope you don't, we will provide you with a replacement car.

Why are subscription cars so cheap?

We buy cars, tyres and insurance in large quantities, have lean processes and data-driven purchasing. We get volume discounts that we pass on directly to our customers. In addition, everything is already included in the Carvolution car subscription. There are no additional costs, such as insurance, service and maintenance and taxes.

With our cost calculator you can determine yourself how much you would pay for a new car in three different ways: purchase, leasing or subscription. On the vehicle overview page you will also find a direct comparison between a subscription and a lease.


As you can see, you will certainly find what you are looking for at Carvolution. Whether it's a small car, an SUV or an electric car, they are all well equipped. You drive them in an all-inclusive formula and you always have an overview of your costs. You will also find an overview of Carvolution and the car subscription.

Deals with down payment

With our down payment deals, you benefit from an even lower car subscription price. Discover various brands and receive your non-binding offer!

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