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Those who reach retirement age do not necessarily have to stop driving. After all, even after working life you want, or need, to stay mobile. But finding the right car as a senior citizen is not always so easy. New models appear every year, the range of vehicles becomes wider, and it is easy to lose track of the multitude of new assistance systems. In this article, we reveal what matters and what vehicles can be for seniors.

One thing right from the start: there is no such thing as the one car that is best for all senior citizens. Living conditions and needs vary too much, and other factors also play a role in determining which car is best. If you live in the city and have access to a well-developed transport system, your decision will probably be different from that of someone in the countryside or in mountainous regions. Of course, there are people who, even in old age, still attach importance to a lot of horsepower under the bonnet and like to drive fast. There are also car enthusiasts who fufill their dream of buying a classic car in their twilight years. And those who have enjoyed driving sports cars or exotic vehicles all their lives will say goodbye to them not only because of age. And that is absolutely fine. But in this article we focus on the middle of society and older people with classic mobility requirements.

Electromobility is becoming more and more interesting

Especially for people who live in conurbations and only drive a few or short distances, electric cars now represent an interesting alternative to classic combustion cars. Electromobility in Switzerland has long been a topic for the mass market. Manufacturers have already announced a large number of new models for 2022, and demand will only increase in the coming years, which will flush new, previously unknown suppliers onto the market. Among them are also some options for seniors. They are all inexpensive to maintain, technically up-to-date and due to the amount of different models, every driver is sure to find a model that suits him or her. In addition, the charging infrastructure for electromobility in Switzerland, as well as in neighbouring countries, is constantly being expanded. On top of that, you get a clear conscience that you are doing something for the younger generations.

No compromise on comfort

It is likely that the desire for comfort increases with age. People know what they want, what is important for them to be satisfied, and they want to make fewer compromises. This applies especially when it comes to mobility in old age. Therefore, even in areas with good public transport, having your own car is often a must for seniors. And these cars should also make driving pleasant. A high seating position makes it easier to get in. This is why small and mid-size SUVs in particular are very popular cars for seniors. Their elevated seating position offers a better view, and the loading sill is higher up, making it easier to load and unload the boot. Assistance systems also make driving easier and enable older people, for example, to park safely without having to move their hips or back excessively. For those who sometimes drive outside built-up areas, cruise control creates a noticeably more pleasant driving experience.

Play it safe

Above all, technical aids that contribute to improved safety are sensible assistance systems. Since reflexes do not improve with age, lane departure warning and emergency braking assistants can prevent accidents. Head-up displays, LED headlights, which ensure the best possible visibility, and a high beam assistant provide more safety. Many of these aids are nowadays standard - in some cases even required by law - or available for a small surcharge.

Small SUVs big in trend

As already mentioned, SUVs are one of the most popular vehicle classes among older people. New cars in this category are available with the Dacia Spring Step 1 Edition, an electric car, with Carvolution in the car subscription already from CHF 299/month. The Seat Arona FR, a petrol car, is available from CHF 495 / month. But for that you get a comparatively large number of cars without having to make any concessions in terms of equipment. Asian models, such as those from Hyundai or Nissan, are particularly popular. But German suppliers also have corresponding models in their portfolios. Opel has the Crossland X, available from Carvolution from CHF 559/month. VW has the T-Cross. All of them are suitable as vehicles for senior citizens, especially in the city, because they are clearly laid out and easy to drive. The other side of the coin, however, is the very limited space available. So if you like to travel in a larger group and are looking for the best car for this purpose, you have to move up at least one category.

Would you like a little more?

For those who like it a bit bigger, the Audi Group offers a good option with the Audi Q2, which is available from Carvolution from CHF 595/month. But BMW also offers a good choice with the BMW X1. If you are willing to dig a little deeper into your pocket, you can get a compact SUV from the premium segment with the VW ID.4 or the BMW X3. French manufacturers such as Renault and Citroen also offer mid-size SUVs with a good price-performance ratio. Those who prefer Asian brands will find vehicles from Nissan or Mitsubishi, for example, which even come with all-wheel drive. Especially senior citizens who do not want to do without their own vehicle - or cannot do so because of where they live - will be happy here.

Big and good

If that is still not enough for you, you should consequently choose the big models. Ford Explorer, VW Tiguan with its corporate brothers Skoda Kodiaq and Audi e-tron are among the best-selling cars in Switzerland every year. Also among the front runners: the Volvo XC40. The Swede, which is also available as a plug-in hybrid, even made it into the top 3 of the country's most popular cars in the past. There is now even a purely electric model to choose from. Do you want something even more extravagant? Okay, how about the Maserati Levante? It is technically state-of-the-art, offers many comfort and assistance systems as well as a wide range of performance without compromising on space. It is currently sold out at Carvolution, but is sure to return to the range soon. If you want to stand out among the more popular models from Audi, VW and Co, you should definitely take a look at the Maserati.

Low cars, low prices

But it doesn't always have to be an SUV. Small cars can also be the ideal car for seniors. Those who attach less importance to a raised seating position will get their money's worth in this segment and generally pay less than for an SUV of comparable length or engine. The prime example is the Ford Fiesta, one of the most popular cars in Switzerland. At Carvolution, this small car is available for as little as CHF 412/month. Also very popular as a vehicle for senior citizens: the Toyota Aygo. The successful Japanese model is reliable, unagitated and stress-free, ensuring mobility, not only in old age. The entry-level model can be driven at Carvolution for as little as CHF 399/month. Similarly popular, the Fiat 500, admittedly not really the classic car for senior citizens at first glance, but with an extra lifestyle factor. It's not for nothing that it is one of the best-selling cars in the country year after year. Cult for little money!

Age is not a knock-out criterion for the Standard

If you don't have to watch the money so much, or if you want to keep all your options open, you'll also do well with the classic models - in two respects. The VW Golf, the Audi A4, the Ford Focus or the Skoda Octavia are good all-rounders, suitable for all situations in life and also suitable as a car for senior citizens. They may not offer the overview of an SUV, take up more space than a Golf and cannot compete with the prices of an Aygo, but they have no weaknesses either. These vehicles offer enough space for children and grandchildren, always have the latest technology as the most popular models of the respective groups and, above all, are reliable. And all vehicles are also capable of towing a caravan, should that be the dream of your retirement.

Mobility meets flexibility

At Carvolution you are sure to find your dream car on subscription. No matter if SUV, small car or estate car. With the all-inclusive package, you don't have to worry about anything around the car and can just enjoy the simplicity of your car. Thanks to the fixed monthly price, you always have an overview of the total cost of your car.

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