Trying out electric mobility is important to Michael. The all-inclusive bundle from Carvolution and the fact that he no longer has to worry about anything to do with his car were also points that spoke in favour of Carvolution for Michael. In the interview, he also tells us how he became aware of the young start-up and to whom he would recommend the car subscription.

Michael, you drive an electric car from Carvolution, why?

My family and I have wanted an electric car for a long time. When I was looking around and comparing prices, my brother-in-law brought Carvolution to my attention, he himself is a customer and drives an Audi. I then took a closer look at the car subscription and compared it with the competition and came to the conclusion that an electric car from Carvolution would be an ideal fit for my family and me.

Was buying or leasing the electric car also an option?

No, I think a lot will happen to electric mobility in the next two years. I want to see how my electric car suits my family and me and then go from there.

Why did you choose Carvolution?

I was always helped in a very friendly way. First in the chat and later on the phone, my questions were answered and I felt that I was in good hands with Carvolution. Of course, the price is also a factor, but nowadays price alone is not enough.

What particularly convinces you about Carvolution?

Everything is so uncomplicated, I was able to take out my subscription online and yet the personal contact was always there.

How was the ordering process for you?

It was all very simple and self-explanatory. Without any difficulty, I picked up my car on the promised date in Bannwil.

Which car do you drive?

I'm driving my first electric car, the Renault Zoe, and I'm super satisfied, I want to find out if electric mobility is something for me.

Who can you recommend Carvolution to?

Anyone who would like to have a total overview of their car costs. Also, to anyone who doesn't want paperwork, because the all-inclusive bundle covers everything about the car. It makes my life easier.

Do you miss anything with Carvolution?

No, nothing. I have nothing to complain about.

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