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Anna H. (23) made a conscious decision to buy a car on a subscription basis and not to buy or lease a new car. In an interview, she explains that she was convinced by the flexibility, the price and the simplicity.

Anna, how did you find out about Carvolution?

I heard about the car subscription and then found out more about it online. Carvolution was the first thing that popped up in my browser, so I went to the website and I read through everything. I came to the conclusion that it was exactly what I was looking for. Moreover, I also saw that they have cool promotions every now and then, like now for example with the Dacia Spring Step 1 Edition, which is already available from 299 francs/month. Where else can you drive a new car so cheaply?

Was buying or leasing an option?

Leasing was not. Buying was, but the cars I liked were far too expensive. Buying a car is no longer an option for me.

Why did you choose Carvolution?

The cars are simply great and meet the latest standards. In addition, I know exactly what my car costs me each month and I don't have to take care of anything around the car, all I need to do is fill it up. It was also great that I first received a non-binding offer so that I could take a closer look at what it includes.

Anna, what particularly convinced you about Carvolution?

The customer service, the transparency and especially the fact that I always have an overview of my subscription with the app. I also think it's great that you can sell your old car right away. It doesn't matter whether you drive a car on a subscription or not.

What is the team at Carvolution like?

Very motivated, my sales agent from Carvolution supported me a lot in finding the right car and really convinced me. I can recommend them to anyone.

How was the ordering process?

It was all super easy. I put everything together via the website and soon after I was called to discuss the rest of the details.

Which configuration did you choose?

I'll be driving my car for 2 years and I chose 850 km per month for the mileage package.

Did you pick up your car in Bannwil or did you have it delivered to your door?

I picked up my car at the Carvolution headquarters in Bannwil. I live in Lucerne, so I was able to drive my new car a long distance to get to know it.

How did the handover of the car go?

The handover was efficient. Everything was explained to me, I was able to examine the car myself and then I was given the keys.

Which car do you drive? Why this one?

I drive a Ford Puma ST-Line X Mild-Hybrid. I came across this car by chance, as I originally wanted a Ford Focus, but this car was already sold out due to its popularity. At first I was unsure because it is a small SUV. In the meantime, however, I am extremely happy with it. It was important to me that the car has all kinds of assistance systems and that I can feel comfortable all around.

Do you also let friends and family take the wheel?

Sure, I also let my friends take the wheel. That's no problem with Carvolution. But I sit in the passenger seat (laughs).

Have you ever changed your car?

No, this is my first car from Carvolution. But I am planning to drive a Carvolution car again after the 2 years.

How does the car subscription help you in everyday life, what advantages do you see?

I don't have anything to do with the car (except for refuelling) and I always know exactly what the car costs me - for me, a perfect all-round carefree package.

What do you need your car for?

To drive to work and to go shopping. Now and then for trips, of course!

Do you use the app?

Yes, I can see everything about my subscription at a glance.

To whom can you particularly recommend Carvolution?

Basically anyone who doesn't want to buy a second-hand car with hidden repair costs or anyone who would like to drive a new car, only pays a fixed monthly price and wants to be looked after around the clock.

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