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For a long time, Chanel Mülhaupt (29) only travelled by public transport. "In the long run, that's exhausting and restrictive," says the Winterthur native. So she acquired her driver's licence at the age of 29 - and afterwards, of course, she wanted to enjoy the newly won mobile freedom with her car, together with her girlfriend and her dog Adele. That's what the multimedia producer now does with her own car on a Carvolution subscription.

How did you hear about Carvolution?

My brother and sister told me about the possibility of a car subscription with Carvolution when I was looking for my first car. But with Carvolution's great marketing, it's also hard to miss the offer.

Have you also looked into buying or leasing a car?

Leasing was not an option for me, because in the long run you lose more than you gain and you can't even benefit from all-round support like with Carvolution. With the car subscription, insurance, taxes, service, tyres, etc. are included in the fixed monthly price. At first I also considered buying a car. But since I'm a new driver and don't yet know what's important to me in a car,I would have taken too high of a financial risk if I made a bad purchase, I soon dismissed buying as an option.

What did you know about the car subscription option beforehand?

The topic was completely new to me and I only looked into it when I learned about Carvolution.

Why did you choose Carvolution?

For me, as a new driver, Carvolution is the perfect solution. I can set the term myself and thus get the feeling of owning my own car for a year and half. During this time, I can find out what is particularly important to me in a car and what is less important. Besides, as a new driver, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the bureaucratic tasks that have to be done with a car purchase. Carvolution takes care of all the paperwork around redemption, insurance, taxes and offers full support in case of questions.

What is it about Carvolution that particularly convinces you?

Of course I looked at other providers, but Carvolution convinced me the most. Firstly, for the choice of vehicles. I was looking for a car with automatic transmission that offers space and is still affordable. Secondly, for the all-round bundle that offers every service. That is pure convenience! Moreover, the whole appearance of Carvolution was sympathetic to me. As a customer, I am not just a number, your sales expert Doreen catered to all my needs.

How did the ordering process go?

Since I still had questions, I was contacted by Doreen and she was able to answer everything directly. The next step was to configure my car subscription online, Doreen got everything going incredibly quickly and took super care of me throughout the whole process. About a month later, I was a proud car owner. Thanks to the voucher, the car was delivered to my doorstep for free.

What kind of car do you drive?

I drive the Ford Fiesta ST-Line X, with a term of 18 months and the configuration of 850 kilometres per month. I chose this car because I wanted a car that wasn't too big but still had plenty of storage space. I also wanted a car that was well suited for longer journeys. And last but not least, that wouldn’t be too expensive. My Ford meets all these needs.

Have you ever changed your car?

No, never. This is my first car.

What advantages do you see in the car subscription?

If I had wanted to buy a car I would have had to save up for it for a while first and my fear of driving alone would probably have risen steadily. With the car subscription, I was able to start driving immediately. Since I didn't get my driving licence until I was 29 before that I had to rely on public transport or my nice friends. In the long run, this is exhausting and limiting - especially with a dog. With my car, I am now finally mobile and independent.

Who would you recommend Carvolution to?

I recommend Carvolution to people who don't want to be tied down to a car in the long term and want to remain flexible. Also, to people that don't want to take risks with the depreciation of a car.

Do you use the Carvolution app?

Yes, I use the app to check my current mileage or to change my mileage package. It also contains all the important information about my car, my subscription, the partner garage and the Carvolution contact options.

Have you already used the app to adjust your mileage package?

Yes, I just changed it to January because I don't need it as often as I planned at the beginning. I can do more home office than assumed and therefore don't have to drive to work every day.

What do you miss about Carvolution?

Nothing, I am happy all around.

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