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Maja, a young woman from Basel, always travelled by public transport. When she started a new job, she needed a car. She chose the Carvolution car subscription. Everything is so easy and she doesn't have to worry about anything except driving, she says.

What made you decide to have your own car on a subscription basis?

I live in the centre of Basel-Stadt, so I've always taken the tram to work, and having my own car was never an issue for me. For the few times a year when I needed one, I was perfectly happy with car sharing. Last year I started a new job outside the city and the commute by tram was long and tedious, so the topic of a car quickly came up: I had to get my own.

Do you only need your car to get to work?

I drive it to work, but of course also to go shopping. But also for trips.

What kind of car do you drive now?

I chose the Renault Clio with automatic transmission. It's big enough to go further afield, but also small and manoeuvrable enough for city traffic.

Why did you choose a car subscription?

It was the easiest way to get a new car. I have a subscription for my mobile phone, so why not for my car?

Was buying or leasing also an option?

Buying was not an option financially. A loan was also out of the question for me. I didn't think about leasing any more, because I quickly decided on the Carvolution car subscription.

And how did you find out about Carvolution?

Through TV commercials. On the Carvolution homepage, I looked at the options for the subscription and it was immediately clear to me that this was it.

Have you ever owned a car before?

No, the Renault on subscription is my first car of my own. Before that I used car sharing from time to time.

Did you know how the car subscription works?

No, I had no idea. But thanks to all the information on the Carvolution website, I had no more questions.

Why did you choose Carvolution?

The good ratings on Google and the uncomplicated model of the car subscription as well as the overall package of the Carvolution website convinced me.

What in particular convinced you about Carvolution?

I have shockingly little idea of what is involved in car ownership. Cashing in? Insurance, tyres? I'm not interested in any of that. That's why it's good for me to know that the Carvolution team knows all about it and takes care of everything. I would definitely have forgotten something super important and would have been warned or something.

What did the team at Carvolution excel at?

Everyone I deal with is super friendly. Joshua was my personal advisor and when there was a small delay in delivery, he apologised to me and informed me of all the next steps.

How was the ordering process?

Super easy, I only had to adjust the subscription configuration regarding the kilometre package, which required a quick calculation of the required kilometres. But that was it.

Have you adjusted the kilometre package via the app in the meantime?

No, that hasn't been necessary so far. Thanks to the app, I always have an overview of the kilometres driven and the open kilometres.

Which subscription configuration have you chosen?

For my Renault Clio, I chose a package with 850 kilometres per month and a subscription period of 48 months. For the insurance, I set the deductible at 500 francs.

Why 48 months?

I didn't want to commit to more than 4 years for the time being, who knows what will happen then.

How long did it take from the order to the delivery of the car?

It took about three weeks because Christmas was in between. Otherwise it would have been quicker.

Did you pick up the car in Bannwil?

No, I had the Renault delivered directly to my office.

How did the handover of the car go?

The handover was very uncomplicated and the handover specialist was very friendly. The driver of the truck the car was on was really funny, he wanted to keep the car for himself :-)

Do you also let friends and family take the wheel?

Of course, that's no problem with Carvolution.

How does the car subscription help in everyday life, what advantages do you see?

Everything is so easy! When I had an accident (fender bender, no one injured), I could simply upload the pictures via the Carvolution app. Then I was immediately told who would pick up my car for repair and when. I didn't have to deal with the insurance company or the garage myself. That's a dream.

Who would you recommend the Carvolution car subscription to?

Anyone who wants a car but has no idea what else they need apart from the ticket.

Is there anything missing from Carvolution?

Please more of the ultra-fine smelling fragrance trees! Maybe Carvolution could send a new scented tree by post once a month? (laughs) No, I'm just kidding, I'm completely satisfied with Carvolution.

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