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On 6 May 2023, Carvolution set an example for the "Day of the Good Deed" and supports the allani Kinderhospiz Bern with a free car subscription for 12 months. Find out how it came about and what the allani team has to say about the car subscription after a year with Carvolution.

The day of the good deed

This day is a Coop initiative. During this day, Coop encourages its employees, as well as the general public, to carry out voluntary charitable activities to help others and do good in the community.

Carvolution is inspired by Coop and all its partners and feels that good deeds also have their place in young companies. That is why Carvolution decided to support a selected association with a car and thus support them in their daily activities.

The Carvolution community was called upon to suggest associations and non-profit organisations that depend on a car for their daily work. After careful consideration of all the suggestions received, the allani children's hospice was finally chosen as the recipient of the free car subscription.

About the allani Children's Hospice Bern

The allani Children's Hospice Bern is pursuing the ambitious goal of opening Switzerland's first children's hospice in 2024. The focus is on creating a loving temporary home for children with life-shortening illnesses. The allani Foundation offers these children and their families valuable support through close care and individual accompaniment.

The vision of the foundation is to give sick children the opportunity to simply be children. Its main goal is to offer the families space for playfulness, lightness and joy of life despite psychologically and physically stressful diagnoses, while providing nursing and social care.

The Foundation's everyday life with the car subscription

After handing over a Ford Puma ST-Line X at the beginning of June 2023, Carvolution visited the managing director of the allani foundation, André Glauser, three months later. Carvolution asked him how the car subscription influences the daily life of the foundation and facilitates the construction of the children's hospice.

André Glauser expressed his enthusiasm: "We are on the road a lot during the reconstruction phase and I am of course very happy that we have a car. The car subscription is a fantastic solution - both the Ford Puma itself and the all-inclusive package of the subscription. André very much appreciates that the whole team of the foundation can use the car without any additional effort. "We don't have to worry about anything and that's all the more important now, when we have very hectic days and weeks," says Glauser.

One year later

Another 6 months later, André and his team are thrilled. Not only about the Ford Puma and the car subscription, but also about the construction progress and the imminent opening of the children's hospice.

The car came at the right time: "It was a great support for us because we had to go back and forth a lot during the construction phase," says Glauser in the interview. The carefree package of the car subscription, thanks to which the team did not have to worry or make any additional effort, deserves special mention. This support was very valuable.

The allani Foundation is now entering the homestretch. The children's hospice will open on 9 June 2024 and there is still a lot to do - on the construction site and with the onboarding of employees.

We wish you every success on the road ahead!

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