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After housing, driving a car is the biggest cost item in the household budget. This is why the Swiss start-up Carvolution has launched the car subscription, making driving cheap, predictable and uncomplicated. Among the subscription providers, Carvolution is the cheapest on the Swiss market.

Comparis: "A car subscription is worthwhile for many Swiss".

The Comparis comparison shows: “Although subscribing is more expensive than buying, the flexibility and time savings offered by such flat-rate deals make them attractive to many motorists, despite the extra cost,” says Comparis mobility expert Andrea Auer. However, as stated in a Comparis study from 2013, as Ms and Mr Swiss use the car for only 5 years on average, the car subscription is a financial relief for many people compared to buying a car, as they do not have to worry about loss of value and resale of the car. Even if you keep the car for 8.4 years, according to Comparis the surcharge is worth it: "A small price for flexibility", writes the comparison portal in 2019.

Carvolution offers the best price in Switzerland

Comparis has examined different driver profiles and found out that Carvolution offers the cheapest car subscription in all categories as of november 2019: For seldom, average and frequent drivers. Furthermore, Carvolution is the only company where the monthly fixed price really includes everything: Insurance, taxes, registration, service, maintenance and the right seasonal tires. With around 50 vehicles, Carvolution offers the largest variety of makes and models in Switzerland.

Less expensive, more flexible AND better? How is this possible?

"At Carvolution we buy the cars in large quantities and can pass on the strong discounts directly to our customers. At the same time we have no middlemen and benefit from our lean organization", says Olivier Kofler, CEO of Carvolution. "The car subscription is only not suitable for classic car fans and people who want to tune their cars", adds the entrepreneur.

Not only for private persons, but also for companies

The car subscription is also rapidly gaining popularity among companies. SMEs in particular depend on a high degree of flexibility and often spend a lot of time on fleet administration. Other advantages for companies are the all-round carefree package, as well as having a single contact person for all car-related issues. Find out more about Carvolution for business clients.

We wish you a good and safe journey!

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