Leasing flotte b2b
Leasing flotte b2b

A car subscription is not only the ideal solution for families, singles or pensioners, but also for SMEs and their fleet of vehicles. Find out in this blog post why a car subscription is more interesting than leasing or buying and why it is also attractively priced.

Company fleet - the difference with leasing

Leasing has long been considered the ideal way to finance a fleet of vehicles. Although it is a more flexible option than buying cars, some things are not as flexible as you might think. Very often, leasing contracts are set up for long periods, from 24 to 36 months. If you want to break the contract early, it will cost you. One option is to take over the lease. Read our blog post on this subject here. In addition, there is usually a set number of kilometres per year. If you exceed this limit, you pay a flat fee per kilometre driven. This can also become expensive very quickly. On top of all that, you have to pay for insurance, taxes, service and maintenance, tyres and their storage. It all adds up, and it's a huge administrative burden.

Your fleet on a subscription basis

If you want to be really flexible on the road, you can choose your fleet on the basis of a car subscription. You can drive your company car for only 3 months, which is particularly useful for temporary projects. With the SuperFlex offer, it is even possible to drive a company car for only 2 months, this is an exclusive offer for business customers, after which the subscription can be cancelled monthly. If you know that you will be driving your company car for a longer period, you can also choose minimum terms of up to 36 or 48 months. In addition, you can adjust your kilometrage package yourself on a monthly basis, which is easy to do in our application. And thanks to the all-inclusive bundle, you don't have to worry about insurance, taxes or tyre changes - everything about the car is included. And you don't have to do any paperwork, which keeps your administrative burden to a minimum. You can concentrate fully on your core tasks.

Buying company cars? That's outdated...

If you're not interested in leasing and want to buy your company's entire fleet of cars, you should be aware that you'll have to pay a large sum of money. In most cases, a loan will have to be taken out. The costs associated with vehicles are therefore fixed, not variable. However, the purchase of a company car is only worthwhile if it is used for several years without any repairs. What you should not forget is that even if you buy a car, you still have to pay for insurance, service, tyres and cantonal registration, plus all the paperwork involved. Basically, it can be said that a purchase offers emotional security and a sense of independence, but in the end it is rarely profitable. For all these reasons, a car subscription is also a simple and more attractively priced alternative.

The future is the car subscription

If you decide to run your fleet of vehicles under a car subscription, you pay a fixed monthly price that includes everything related to the car, i.e. insurance, cantonal registration, taxes, service and maintenance, and tyres. You only have to pay for petrol and/or recharge. What's more, you are completely flexible. At the end of the chosen minimum period, you can exchange the company car for another one, why not an electric one, continue to drive it or simply return it. It's as simple as that.

You will also find an overview of Carvolution and the car subscription.

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