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Andreas and his wife live in the city and need a car sometimes daily, sometimes not at all. That's why they came to the following decision: "The car subscription from Carvolution is in keeping with the times. You don't want to commit yourself for a long time and no longer own or buy things", says Andreas. You can read about his experiences with the car subscription in this blog post


In the city, Andreas and his wife travel by public transport or by bicycle. Owning a car was not their main concern. In view of an upcoming training camp, they realised that they would need a car for a longer period of time. Andreas came across Carvolution's car subscription on Google: "I chose Carvolution for its good price and its web presence," he says. Leasing or purchasing a car were out of the question for him, as he didn't want to make any commitments.

The car subscription

The customer service clarified all outstanding questions from Andreas. This confirmed his decision to take out a subscription. The exact expiry date and delivery date were communicated to him in a second step. Everything went very quickly and smoothly and he was able to sign the contract online without any complications. The delivery of the car also went perfectly. Andreas was very satisfied with Carvolution's service from start to finish.

Andreas would particularly like to emphasise that the clearly calculable costs are an important factor for him. He is also enthusiastic about the minimal administrative effort. He does not have to worry about the car and its maintenance. Moreover, he is only tied to the car for as long as he wants, following the minimum period chosen.

The daily car subscription

"I need my car mainly for leisure activities, such as excursions to the mountains, sports activities and training camps," says Andreas. It is independent and flexible on the road. This is a great advantage for him. He does not have to worry about his car on a daily basis. If he has any problems, he can always call Carvolution's customer service and they will help him. Andreas appreciates this service very much.

He also thinks it's great that he can also support a Swiss startup from his region. Andreas and his wife have been driving their new car for more than a year now.

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