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"Carvolution is something new and very innovative. I appreciate the young team and so far I am very satisfied with the car subscription and the whole service. I am a fan", says Karin F. She was looking for a car to get to work and was enthusiastic about Carvolution from the very beginning. Having a car for flexible working hours was exactly what Karin was looking for. Read more about Karin's experience with Carvolution on the blog.

For a car subscription and against a used car

Karin drove a used car for some time. The repairs and the related payments kept piling up. At a certain point, it didn’t make sense to keep her used car any longer. She then came across Carvolution's car subscription. She chose her car on the website and then contacted Carvolution by phone. She was then able to discuss the next steps.

Tips from Carvolution

By contacting Carvolution, Karin's most urgent questions could be clarified immediately and her wishes regarding the car could also be taken into account. Karin found the rest of the procedure pleasant: "I was able to sign the contract online and surprisingly shortly afterwards the car was delivered to my home.

Karin admits that she was a bit sceptical at first. She wondered whether the offer was popular enough and whether the young start-up could go ahead. Carvolution's customer service quickly reassured her of this uncertainty. Carvolution is one of the most successful car subscription providers in Switzerland. More than 1,000 customers have already been made happy. In addition, the Carvolution community is growing day by day. One of these satisfied customers is Karin F., because she is now completely convinced by Carvolution.


What Karin appreciates about the car subscription is that everything is included in a monthly fixed price. When her car needed maintenance, the customer service department coordinated everything and the costs were covered by Carvolution. The process was simple and everything went quickly and smoothly. She believes that this simplicity and straightforwardness are key factors that speak in favour of Carvolution's service.

In the picture of Karin F. you can see an AI licence plate. However, the standard now includes a cantonal licence plate. This means that a parking card for a blue zone at the place of residence can be requested if necessary.

Guaranteed never to pay too much

We guarantee that your total costs will be lower with a car subscription than with leasing. If we are more expensive, we will reduce our prices! Start a free, non-binding comparison now.

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