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"Do I want a BMW, a Mercedes or a Polestar? Either way, you always have something suitable for me". For Marco, it is clear that he will never buy or lease a car again. Find out on the blog why he is so satisfied with the car subscription.

Marco's path to a car subscription

When Marco was looking for a new car, he thought he had to choose between buying a car and leasing it. At that time, he had no idea that the Carvolution car subscription existed. When he discovered Carvolution online, he was intrigued. He immediately appreciated the fact that the website was clear and easy to understand. He could already find answers to his first questions there. The customer service was patient and helpful when he wanted to know more. The booking process was pleasant for Marco. The whole process was simple and understandable. No paperwork. On the phone, a Carvolution employee explained everything to Marco in a proper and detailed manner, so that no questions remained unanswered. The contract was sent by email and Marco was able to sign it electronically. He says: "The best thing was that there was no need to go in person".

The advantages of the car subscription

For Marco, it is clear that there is not just one advantage, but several. He says: "First of all, I didn’t have to pick up the car, it was delivered to me. I don't have to worry about anything." He also reports that when the car was first serviced, a Carvolution employee pointed him to the nearest garage. There he immediately got a replacement car. The tyres were changed on site, at his work or at home (however, now that Carvolution has grown so much, tyre changes can no longer be carried out on site. Carvolution now works with partner garages, where the tyres are always stored and where the tyre changes are planned. Simplicity is still the top priority at Carvolution). Marco finds this simplicity fabulous. His colleagues still can't believe that he doesn't pay any extra costs, neither for the garage nor for the tyre change. The time saved is great. He also knows that he is in good hands in case of damage. He also adds: "I am honest, I don't want to have to worry about anything and that’s why the offer convinced me". His conclusion is clear. He will no longer buy or lease a car. He is satisfied with his decision to join the Carvolution concept. He is already driving his second car with Carvolution and he will continue to do so for the next one.

What Marco appreciates about his car from Carvolution

Marco's friends particularly appreciate the fact that he has a car and can take them anywhere. Neither they nor Marco have to use public transport. This is a great advantage, especially in winter when it is cold. But in summer too, he is happy to have a car. He drives a lot in the mountains or near the lakes. He is much more comfortable travelling by car. In the city, he uses it a little less. He likes to drink a beer and then return home by taxi.

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