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"Selling my old car through Carvolution was an offer I was very happy to accept. That way I got rid of it and didn't have to deal with annoying paperwork. Carvolution took care of everything," says Markus E.. As a senior citizen, mobility is important to him, even at an advanced age, and he drives to play tennis, go fishing and shopping. Find out in the blog why he is an enthusiastic fan of the car subscription.

Markus and cars

30 years ago, Markus decided to lease a car. Even then, he realised that it wasn't the right thing to do. It was far too expensive and inflexible. But at that time there were not many alternatives. So he opted for a second-hand car for his next car. But he was not happy with this decision either. It meant constraints and expenses. He never knew when he would have to go back to the garage again without being scheduled. The costs kept adding up.

For all these reasons, Markus is now happy to drive his car on a subscription basis. He no longer has to worry about anything. When he had to bring his car to the garage on one occasion, he was provided with a free replacement car. He did not have to do any administrative work either. Carvoluiton took care of the paperwork. That makes Markus E.'s life a lot easier. He was looking for exactly this lightness and found it in the Carvolution car subscription.

The path to the car subscription

Markus found out about Carvolution online. He was immediately interested in the car subscription. The car he was driving at the time no longer suited him. He gladly accepted the offer to sell his old car through Carvolution. He was able to drive his Ford Focus with complete peace of mind thanks to Carvolution.

Home delivery

Markus had his car delivered in Ticino. This was an huge relief for him. His old car, which he was able to sell with the help of Carvolution, was picked up immediately after delivery. Markus was thrilled with the ease and speed with which everything went smoothly.

He really likes his new car from Carvolution. The colour is secondary for him. What matters is that the car gets him safely from point A to point B.

The car subscription

Markus especially appreciates the flexibility: "Flexibility is important. It's the biggest plus with" The low effort involved, thanks to the all-inclusive service, is also a plus for Markus. In addition, it is important for him that the offer itself is inexpensive. It is certainly cheaper than leasing and also cheaper for him than buying a car, which is no longer an option. That's why the car subscription suits Markus. For him, it fits perfectly with his life and his needs.

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