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Michael B. switched from car sharing to a subscription. Now his Ford Focus is always at his doorstep. Being a frequent driver, he says: "Flexibility is very important to me. Carvolution allows me to keep my car as long as I like."

Subscription instead of car sharing

Michael B. was a car sharing customer for a long time. In the beginning he was satisfied with it, but sometimes there would be no car available. Besides, he had to walk to the pick-up station each time. With monthly costs varying between 500 and 600 francs, he started thinking about buying a car. But when he heard about Carvolution, he was immediately thrilled.

"Having a car available is very important to me. With Carvolution I have the flexibility to return the car or keep it as long as I like. The subscription is uncomplicated, and from the beginning I knew exactly what is included in the offer and what not. Besides, I don't have any obligations anymore, such as driving to the mechanic." He appreciates the all-inclusive service: "The response time is very good. I never waited more than half a day for an email, and my questions were always answered."

The car on subscription

Simple, fair and convenient: the car subscription is the alternative to conventional car purchase, leasing or car sharing. With just a few clicks you can book your car online and have it delivered to your doorstep - ready to drive. The monthly flatrate already includes comprehensive coverage, registration fees, taxes, maintenance, service and tyre change. Find out more about our car subscription here. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends.

Spring promotion

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