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"Carvolution launched the right product on the market at the right time. The young start-up has found a niche where it can position itself well. The car subscription with many inexpensive cars on offer is a great solution for me," Patrick says about Carvolution. Find out more on the blog.

Without compromise

The concept around the car subscription convinced Patrick right from the start: "The car subscription covers exactly what I need without having to make any compromises. For example, I don't have to make a long-term commitment, as with leasing, nor do I have to assume the risk of repairs, as with a second-hand purchase". For him, the manageable monthly costs and the short duration of the car subscription are the most important factors.

The advantages of the car subscription

Patrick believes that the total cost of his car can be planned and therefore nothing can surprise him. He knows that his car will cost him the same amount every month, no matter what happens. All he has to pay for is gas. Unlike leasing, there are no additional costs for insurance, service and tyres. He doesn't have to calculate or save money for this, since he only has to pay the fixed amount. According to Patrick, it is as clear as for the flat he rents, for which he only has to pay the monthly rent.

Patrick and the car subscription

Patrick was and still is thrilled with the ease and fluidity of the whole process, from the first contact to the delivery of his car. When he came across Carvolution on the Internet, his interest was immediately aroused. He contacted the start-up to find out more, asking about the conditions, the available cars and how the car subscription worked exactly. When he had gathered all the information and decided on the Fiat 500, Carvolution delivered the car in front of his door at the agreed time. Simple and straightforward.

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