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"I tell my friends who are about to buy or lease a car that they should definitely take a look at the Carvolution offer. They won't regret it and they'll save money at the same time", says Rudolf L., who goes by the name Rukey. In this blog post, find out why he talks so enthusiastically about the car subscription to his friends.

Obvious costs

The decisive point that Rukey sees in the car subscription is the overview of costs. He also realises that he does not necessarily need his own car. He also knows that he does not have to pay for repairs, as he would if he bought a car.

A car he doesn't have to worry about? That's exactly what he was looking for. He adds that Comparis also thinks that the car subscription is interesting for most Swiss people.

Purchase or leasing? No longer interesting

Rukey made a conscious decision not to buy a car. A new car loses its value very quickly, especially at the beginning, the depreciation is enormous. He often needs his car and wants to keep the costs as low as possible. The longer you own a car, the higher the costs. Rukey also thought about the follow-up costs that could arise with every possible repair. Leasing was too expensive for him, it was out of the question.

Rukey is very satisfied with Carvolution. He knows that he is still driving a new car and that he doesn't have to worry about anything.

Pick up in Bannwil

Since Bannwil is close to his home, Rukey decided to collect his Ford Focus directly from Carvolution. He was also curious and wanted to see the company with its cars and its large showroom in person. Another reason for coming to the location was that he brought his old car with him, as he sold it through Carvolution. The handover of his new Ford Focus was very pleasant. Everything was done electronically, as is customary today. This also saved a lot of time. An important point for Rukey.

The service around the car

What Rukey likes most is that he doesn't have to worry about anything. The only things he has to do are fill up the tank, clean the car and take care of it. He is particularly pleased that he does not have to worry about an appointment with the garage, nor does he have to deal with any discussions about potential repairs.

He adds that all the promises and information on the website are 100% consistent with his experience at Carvolution. The staff are also always very friendly and courteous. At the moment there is nothing that can be improved in his opinion, everything fits perfectly.

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