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"What I like about Carvolution? In a word: everything," says Sam. As a single mother, she does not have and does not want to invest time in her car. The all-inclusive service is therefore one of the decisive points that convinced Sam to choose the Carvolution's car subscription. Check out the blog to find out more about the other advantages Sam sees in the car subscription.

Sam's path to the car subscription

Sam heard about Carvolution by word-of-mouth. Her colleague already knew about Carvolution and told her about the straightforward solution of driving her own car with an all-inclusive service. Sam is a single mother and cannot afford a large down payment, as is the case when leasing or purchasing a car. The all-inclusive service is also a great relief for her. She can devote her precious time as a single mother to her child. In her opinion, the car subscription is ideal for a young mother who wants to focus on everything but her car.

The first contact

The first personal contact took place during the chat. Sam first wanted to clarify whether her somewhat complicated housing situation would be a problem. Although she was still living in the canton of Thurgau at the time, she soon moved to the canton of Zurich.

In Switzerland, each canton has its own car and navigation service with its own rules. The situation can quickly become complicated. But Carvolution assured Sam that this would certainly not be an obstacle and that all the administrative work would be taken care of for her. She would not have to worry about anything in the process, which was a great relief to her.

Down payment? No thanks

The key point in favour of the car subscription, and against leasing or buying, was clearly the budget. Sam did some research and simply could not afford to pay CHF 2,000 to 3,000 easily. Since Carvolution does not require a large down payment, the car subscription was the perfect option for her. She only had to pay the monthly fixed price, which she says was a huge relief for her.

What Sam appreciates about the Carvolution service

"I appreciate that everything is included and that I don't have to worry about anything. If I want to reach someone from Carvolution, the response time is extremely fast, you never feel left alone. There is always a personal answer. Not like with other providers, where a standardised answer is often sent. This makes me feel that I am in good hands as a customer," says the young mother.

Sam adds that she particularly likes the relaxed way Carvolution deals with people. As everyone is on a first-name basis, a friendly atmosphere is quickly created. Also, each of the customer service representatives is always up to date about her subscription and they are all very competent. At 31, she is driving her first car and could not be happier with her decision to subscribe to Carvolution. She has already told her entire circle of friends. The uncomplicated nature is also characterised by the fact that there is no paperwork, says Sam.

Leisure or work?

Sam needs her car most of all to get to work. The difference in time in relation to the distance travelled is enormous. By public transport, it takes her 2.5 hours, whereas it only takes her 1 hour in her Ford Fiesta to make the same journey. But Sam also uses her car to buy groceries or for leisure activities and is happy to be so flexible. All she has to do is get in the car and drive away, without having to worry about departure times or commute times.

Deals with down payment

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