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How did you find out about Carvolution?

I became aware of Carvolution through a television advertisement. There was always advertising and it aroused my curiosity. So I researched on the Internet and compared different providers.

How did you then find out more?

First of all, I looked to see what cars were on offer. On the website, you can get a non-binding offer in just a few clicks. I then directly selected two or three cars. The offers were then sent to me by e-mail.

So you configured the subscription yourself?

Exactly, I specified my wishes for the offer and configured the subscription accordingly. Then I had a consultation with Doreen. It was important to me that I could transport my bikes with a trailer hitch. Doreen was super nice and helpful. She gave me great support to stay within my budget.

Did everything work out during the consultation?

Yes, it really worked out great. Doreen is a very nice, really cool woman. She was super nice and helpful. We even exchanged a few personal things. It was almost as if we knew each other for a long time, even though I had never seen her before. I was able to communicate all my wishes and concerns, everything was recorded and taken into account, and a customized quote was sent.

Are there people in your environment who already had experience with Carvolution? Or are you the first?

No, I am the first in my environment to use Carvolution. But I am so enthusiastic about it that I tell everyone about it.

What were the reactions like?

Yes, there were people who thought it was just leasing and that I should just buy a new car. I also looked at buying a new car, but Carvolution for me is like renting an apartment. Not everyone wants to buy an apartment, some prefer to rent. I see it the same way with a car subscription. Unlike leasing, with Carvolution everything is included, not just the car itself.

What is the biggest advantage for you?

That I don't have to spend so much money on the purchase of the car and I can still drive a super, new car. Of course, it's perfect that you don't have to touch your savings and you can still drive the right car.

How do you explain the car subscription?

Simple, ingenious, super (laughs). I'm really excited about it, it's top-notch.

What is the biggest difference compared to the previous solutions?

In the past, everything to do with cars was a lot more time-consuming for me. Especially when buying a used car, you have to compare a lot. With Carvolution, on the other hand, you know exactly what you are getting. It really does have everything, it even tells you that it's time to mount the summer tires. All this makes it incredibly easy and you don't have to worry about anything else. Once the standing order is set up, everything is taken care of. So then all you have to do is fill up the tank and drive.

You drive an Audi A3 - are you satisfied?

Yes, at first I wanted a car with a trailer coupling, because most of the new cars don't have roof rails anymore. However, I then took the Audi A3, because I now have the option of installing a trailer hitch myself. I didn't know that at first, but Doreen advised me in detail. So it is allowed to make adjustments to the cars. In my case, there are also special bike racks from Audi, which can be mounted without roof rails. This is also the variant for which I decided. I knew the brand Audi before, because my partner also drives Audi. I find it a great brand with a super design. It even had the color I wanted.

What about the everyday subscription? Is the app useful?

Yes of course, in the app I have all the info about the car. For example, I can see my subscription configuration and have an overview of the kilometers I've driven. It's also very good that I can adjust the kilometers directly in the app. That means I'm not limited to a specific mileage package either. So far I haven't customized it, but having the option is great.

Does your car cost more or less today than it used to?

I definitely pay less today, or guaranteed no more, than I used to. And even get a much better service for a top modern car that I would otherwise have to buy. With a purchased car, you have to reckon with a good 1,000 francs per month when all costs are factored in. Now I pay much less and there are no additional costs for insurance, tires or repairs. Like renting an apartment, I have a fixed price and know my costs.

Have you ever done a total cost of ownership calculation for a car?

Yes, because of my job in finance, I have a particular affinity for this area. Therefore, I first got an overview of the car subscription, but did not put all costs on the gold scale. I just knew that with a car, all the bills for the insurance, the taxes, then the tires and so on usually come in January. With Carvolution, these costs are spread out monthly over the entire term. This makes the monthly price seem high at first, but makes total sense when you think about the total cost of the whole term.

Do you have any improvement requests for Carvolution?

Yes, I have a whole list (laughs out loud). No, the employees are all really top: incredibly friendly, uncomplicated and really reliable, which I really appreciate. Otherwise, perhaps the issue of the trailer coupling. There could be a bit more choice in the smaller car segment, because currently it's more the vehicles in the upper premium range, i.e. the SUVs, that are equipped with a trailer hitch. But otherwise there are many different brands, so there should be something for everyone.

A positive moment that has stayed with you?

Actually, every day is a new positive experience and reinforces my decision that I made the right choice with the car subscription and Carvolution. When I picked up the car in Bannwil, I was amazed because it really feels like my car and it really belongs to me. I sit in it every day and I'm happy about it.

Anything else you want to get off your chest?

I can really only rave about it. My niece has already been allowed to take it for a spin. And I also explain the car subscription in the family. Some of them said, "You're not the leasing type. That's when you realize that you still have to explain the car subscription. Sometimes I feel like a Carvolution consultant.

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