Auslieferung Auto Background
Auslieferung Auto Background

When choosing your Carvolution car subscription, it is important to plan the delivery date well in advance. Basically, with our simple, flexible and affordable car subscriptions, we offer a majority of new cars, which is why the delivery dates of our 20 or so brands sometimes vary greatly. While some cars are not yet built, others are already in stock. There are therefore a few points you should know about the delivery date.

Delivery date expectations

On our website you will find information about the availability of our cars. A car can either be "Available from stock", which means that it will be ready for delivery within 14 - 21 days after receipt of payment. Or you will see information about availability, which can be at the beginning, middle or end of a certain month. For all the cars that are available from stock, we can quickly determine the delivery date. For the other cars, we wait with defining exact dates so that we can avoid possible postponements. For example, if your car is not available for about 3 months, we will contact you about 3 weeks before the 3 months are up to plan an exact date with you.

"Available from stock" does not mean immediate delivery

Cars marked "Available from stock" have a delivery time of approximately 14 to 21 days. Although these cars are physically available and sitting in one of our warehouses or with our partners, we need a few days to prepare your car for delivery. This includes obtaining new license plates, the registration process, coordination with insurance and also a quality check of the car, especially the tires and battery. Please note that the process of preparation and thus the 14 to 21 days until delivery start after we receive the first payment.

Possible delays in deliveries

As with all cars, especially new cars, delays can occur with our car subscriptions. In each case, most delays are related to industry-wide production bottlenecks, unforeseen changes in automakers' production schedules, or other unexpected factors, such as transportation difficulties.

Fortunately, the situation with massive delivery problems has greatly improved again since 2022, making delays in our delivery dates a rarity again and allowing almost all our customers to receive their cars on time.

What happens in the event of a delay?

Although delays are a rarity and we do everything we can to deal with any delays as transparently, early and proactively as possible, the disappointment and frustration is great when the expected car does not arrive on time. That's why we do our best to arrange a replacement vehicle to keep you mobile while you wait for your car subscription.

In summary, in the vast majority of cases, Carvolution deliveries go as planned, as the situation with delivery problems has improved massively. However, if there is a delay, we strive to communicate transparently and find a possible solution for you.

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