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Driving and parking simply belong together. While many modern features help make driving easier, the innovations in the area of parking are still rather unknown. Yet there are already a number of practical parking apps that are not limited to simplify your search for a parking space. Find out in this blog how parking apps make your life easier.

Parking apps - more than just a digital parking meter

Looking for a parking space can be time-consuming, especially in big city centers. How handy would it be to know where to park before you set off? Thanks to a number of parking apps with integrated maps, parking options such as multi-storey car parks or even free parking spaces at the side of the road are shown to you. This function is provided by apps such as ParkNow, for example, where you can find not only parking spaces but also other points of interest, such as restaurants, for this function, the app needs location tracking to determine your position using GPS. With the app ParkU, you can even reserve parking spaces at selected locations.

Many apps - different options

At first glance, the various parking apps seem very similar. With some apps, such as Twint, you have to read a QR code from the parking machine to pay digitally, while with others, such as EasyPark, you have to select the respective parking zone on the map. The various parking apps also differ in their payment options: whether it is with credit card, credit, Klarna or Paypal, the options are diverse.

Easy parking and convenient payment

The main function of most parking apps, apart from finding a parking space, is the digital payment of the parking fee. With most apps, the times when you desperately searched for change in front of a parking meter are over. With these apps, you can easily and conveniently make contactless payments via the app.

Another advantage offered by some parking apps, such as the payment app Twint, is that you can pay for the actual parking time. When parking, you set the expected parking time in the app and pay the corresponding parking fee immediately. However, you also have the option of cancelling the parking time early and then getting paid the difference.

Beware of the option to pay later

Some parking apps also give you the option of extending the parking time via the app afterwards. Practical, isn't it? But unfortunately, the so-called "paying later" is forbidden in Switzerland and can result in heavy fines. Fortunately, you don't have to rely on this with most apps because with the option of the effective parking duration you never pay too much.

Simplified parking search, but limited offer

An important point with parking apps is the availability of their offer. This is because so far the parking offer is limited to a selection of cities and countries, which vary from app to app. With smaller apps, usually only a few larger cities in Switzerland are covered, with others you can easily find a parking space in many cities throughout Europe. Some apps are limited to multi-storey car parks and the like, while others even allow you to park at the side of the road in selected areas.


Parking apps offer a variety of innovative and practical functions for parking. For us, it is the perfect complement to the Carvolution car subscription. The only things you have to do yourself with the all-inclusive package from Carvolution is drive, fill up and park. With the parking apps, you also have a simple solution for the latter!

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