Creative Disruption

Creative Disruption

Enough of these buzzwords - it’s about the fact that the car industry is obsolete and rusty and it needs change.

In various industries, new suppliers emerged from nowhere and disrupted the market completely.

Spotify changed the music industry fundamentally and established a completely new understanding of access to music. Similarly, Netflix did so in the film industry respectively in the film distribution industry. Airbnb has now a value of around USD 31 billion, is active in over 190 countries, has already hosted over several hundred million guests and has as such become a serious competitor for hotels worldwide. We would also like to mention Uber the "Taxi alternative", which is currently on everyone's lips.

All of these companies have in common that they do not stick to existing structures, but drive forward their vision to anchor their ideals in a certain industry.

Looking at the car industry, one notices that this is changing too. For example, more and more car manufacturers are developing electric cars for their fleet. Be this the pioneer hybrid car of Toyota, the Prius, or the models of Tesla; The landscape in the car industry has changed and is changing even now. Existing giants such as VW or General Motors are increasingly being challenged by new players who are pushing the market with a new understanding of mobility. In the USA, for example, self-driving Google cars are already on the road for testing.

To come back to the above-mentioned new giants like Netflix or Airbnb, which are revolutionising the industry with brand new business models, one quickly notices that such a revolution has not yet reached the Swiss mobility market. Mobility is still dominated by on the one hand, public transport and, on the other hand, within individual mobility cars continue to be sold, leased or rented. Only a mobility concept based on sharing could be described as revolutionary.

Carvolution sees the potential to change individual mobility and launches a new business model. We are bringing a new approach to mobility. It integrates various trends such as the increasing need for convenience and individualism and thus offers the customer more freedom as it combines the advantages of buying, renting and leasing a car. With this approach Carvolution aims to open up the existing structures and to usher a new era of mobility.

If you would like to join too, then choose your car here and start driving towards the future:

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