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The car subscription offers you many possibilities, freedom and flexibility. However, there are a few things you need to consider when getting a Carvolution subscription. What about trips abroad, am I allowed to drive on a racetrack, and who pays my fines? Find out everything about dos and don'ts with the Carvolution car subscription here.

Are there any restrictions on the use of the car?

You are allowed to use the car for private purposes for the entire duration of the subscription. You are welcome to let other drivers take the wheel, as long as they have a valid or acknowledged driving license in Switzerland (this does not have to be a Swiss driving license).

However, the vehicle may not be used for commercial purposes such as car sharing, delivery services or similar. Similarly, speed, endurance, skill or other races, participation in driving safety training and the transport of hazardous goods are not permitted.

How many kilometres can I drive per month?

At the beginning of the subscription, you select a kilometre package between 350 km per month and 3'250 km per month. If you need more or less kilometres, you can easily adjust the package monthly via the app so that you always have as many kilometres as you need. If you exceed your set number of kilometres or the maximum 3'250 km, the additional kilometres must be paid for separately. The price per kilometre varies depending on the car. If you drive less than your selected package, you will not be reimbursed for the unused kilometres. If you need to drive significantly less than 350 km per month, another solution such as car sharing may be advisable.

Can the car also be driven abroad?

Yes, trips abroad are possible with the car subscription. You can enjoy your holidays, road trips or family visits. Again, other people are allowed to drive your car as long as they have a driving licence that is valid or acknowledged in Switzerland. However, the vehicle is to be driven mainly in Switzerland. In addition, the insurance cover applies in Europe and the countries bordering on the Mediterranean, excluding Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

You must also bear in mind that when driving abroad you are obliged to carry any documents and safety accessories required for this purpose, such as high-visibility waistcoats, in the vehicle and to observe specific special regulations, e.g. on seasonal tyres (winter tyres are compulsory on a specific date).

Are fines included in the all-inclusive bundle?

No, fines, penalties and all other costs, such as lawyer's fees, court costs, legal costs and third-party claims, must be covered by you. Please note that some providers charge additional fees for processing fines. We do not normally do this. Fines do not come to you from us, but directly from the relevant authority.

Am I allowed to make modifications to the car?

In principle, no significant modifications may be made. This includes changes to the appearance or performance of the vehicle, as well as any changes that could affect safety or resale value.

Minor modifications such as fitting a trailer hitch or adding stickers are possible, but must be removed without leaving any residue before returning the subscription. In addition, Carvolution must be informed about modifications, because a trailer hitch, for example, must be added to the vehicle registration document. The Carvolution team will be happy to assist you with the necessary processes. The costs are to be covered by you.

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