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Do you react correctly when you see animals on the road? Do you know exactly when you are allowed to use the fog lights and when not to? Especially in the winter months, many of us often drive in the dark. We have put together a few dos and don'ts for safe driving.

1. Optimal lighting

Have you ever been annoyed by an oncoming vehicle with high beam on because it dazzled you so much? New car models usually have stronger headlights than old ones, but many people don't know this: Often these are set incorrectly and as a result the dipped beam light affects other road users like high beam.

Do: Use dipped headlights at dusk already, because visibility is no longer optimal even at dusk.

Do: Switch on high beam in the dark - provided there is no oncoming traffic and you are outside well lit areas.

Don’t: Turn your headlights too far towards the ground - you lose your vision.

Don’t: Turn the headlights too high - you will dazzle and endanger other road users.

Don’t: Use the sidelights too fast, because you will endanger other road users. Use fog lights only if you cannot see 50 metres - whether you are driving in fog, rain or snow. You can test this easily: If you can't see the next post on the right-hand side of the road at the level of a black and white whip post, you can switch on the fog lights and rear lights. Attention: Don't forget to switch off the sidelights again when visibility improves.

2. Dangerous fatigue

Have you ever had your eyes close for a moment while driving a car? Fatigue is the cause of up to 20% of traffic accidents in Switzerland. Not only is falling asleep or having a microsleep at the wheel dangerous, but fatigue in itself has an enormous impact on driving ability.

Do: Generally drive more slowly and maintain greater safety distances.

Do: Switch on the radio and listen to invigorating music or talk to the other passengers.

Do: In case of danger of microsleep: Drive out to a parking space immediately, lock the doors centrally and sleep for 15-20 minutes. Some of the Carvolution vehicles have appropriate safety assistants for this purpose.

Don’t: Do not drink caffeinated beverages. The stimulating effect often lasts only for a very short time and fatigue sets in again.

Don't: Turn up the heat too much: The heat makes you sleepy too. It is better to open the windows and let cold air in between.

3. Animals on the road

One of the greatest dangers at night is the possibility of the presence of an animal on the road. The larger the animal, the greater the danger for the vehicle occupants. We show you here how to react best.

Do: Dimming, braking and honking - in that order. Many wild animals are active at night and at dusk and can therefore no longer see in the headlights. Dimming helps them recover their bearings. Wild animals such as deer or wild boars often travel in groups and the first is followed by others. By honking the horn, most animals tend to avoid the road rather than jumping onto it.

Do: Reduce speed - High speed and longer braking distances in rain, snow and at night often make the difference whether it is possible to avoid the animals on the road or not.

Don't: Take evasive action. This means that you can end up on the opposite lane or go completely off the road and end up in a ditch or drive into a tree. If the animal does not avoid the road in time, it is often better to stay on the road, holding the steering wheel and braking fully.

Carvolution cars make night driving safer

Most of our vehicles have technology that makes driving safer in general and at night in particular. The assistants for detecting fatigue are particularly helpful here. If the vehicle detects a monotonous or unfocused driving style that suggests fatigue, it signals the driver visually and with alarm signals to take an immediate break. Our Mercedes models Mercedes A250 4M AMG-Line, Mercedes C220d 4M AMG-Line, Mercedes GLC250 4M AMG-Line and the VW Tiguan, for example, have so-called attention assistants. Brake assistants for objects on the road also have some of our models. Just contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

We wish you a good and safe journey!

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