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The introduction of the e-vignette in Switzerland has brought changes to the conventional stick-on vignette system. The e-vignette is not mandatory, but simply an alternative to the Swiss stick-on vignette. We look at the practical aspects as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the e-vignette compared to the traditional version. If you have a car subscription from Carvolution and would like to know what the e-vignette means for you, you will find the most important questions and answers at the end of the article.

In brief

The e-vignette is a modern, digital alternative to the conventional adhesive vignette. Both variants entitle you to use Swiss motorways and roads and are valid from the 1st of December of the previous year to the 31st of January of the following year. The price for both is 40 Swiss francs.

Advantages of the e-vignette in Switzerland

  • No tedious removal: In contrast to the stick-on vignette, there is no need for time-consuming scraping from the windscreen.

  • Digital link: The e-vignette is digitally linked to the vehicle's licence plate/number plate.

Example situations: A new vignette is not required if the windscreen is damaged. A change of vehicle is also possible without any problems as long as the licence plate remains the same.

Disadvantage of the e-vignette

Moving from one canton to another is only possible once. Otherwise, moving from one canton to another requires the purchase of a new e-vignette, as the car is redeemed cantonally and therefore receives a new licence plate. In comparison, the stick-on vignette could continue to be used when moving, as it sticks to the windscreen regardless of the number plate.

Purchase an e-vignette

The e-vignette can be purchased on the official website This requires details of the vehicle category, country of registration and licence plate number. The "Publicly visible" option is recommended by the federal government, especially if the vehicle is shared with several people. In this case, only information on the e-vignette and not on the owner or vehicle is made public when a query is made.

Important information

No refunds for incorrect purchases: There are no refunds for incorrect purchases, so it is advisable to check all details carefully before purchasing.

Questions and answers for Carvolution customers

Do I still get the initial vignette with the start of the car subscription?

Of course. Your car is always ready to drive and equipped with a valid vignette when you start your car subscription. We use the classic stick-on vignette for this.

Which vignette should I buy after the initial vignette is no longer valid?

We leave this decision up to you. You can buy the e-vignette or the stick-on vignette.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

As we equip your car with a valid vignette again when you change cars, there are no major differences for you. The only exception is if you move twice during a calendar year and change canton. While this is not a problem with the stick-on vignette, you can only re-register the e-vignette once in the canton and therefore pay CHF 40 more. If you don't move, it depends solely on your personal preferences as to whether the demarcation line bothers you or not.

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