Smart at charging station
Smart at charging station

You don't know which socket or charging cable to use for your electric car? Don't worry, this blog post will tell you everything you need to know about charging your electric car, whether at home or at a public charging station.

The right plug

To know which plug to use, you need to know what type of connector is installed in your electric car. In Europe, the Type 2 plug is the most common and has therefore been chosen as the standard plug.

Charging at home

You can charge your electric car at home using a household socket. To do so, you need the Mode 2 charging cable, which has a standard plug for your power outlet at one end, and the plug that matches your electric car at the other end. The charging time on the 230 V mains with 2.3 kW varies depending on the type of electric vehicle.

However, recharging at home is only suitable between two uses or in an emergency, as the house installation is very busy with recharging.

Charging at home from a wall-mounted box

With the Mode 3 charging cable, you can charge your car faster via the wallbox. The charging station, which is permanently installed in your home, provides electricity with a charging power that is significantly higher than that of a normal household socket. It delivers up to 22 kW instead of 2.3 kW. The difference in this charging process lies not only in the wallbox, but also in the cable. Via the wallbox, you charge your electric car with a Mode 3 charging cable instead of a Mode 2 charging cable, which is permanently integrated in the wallbox. All you need to know is what type of charging socket your electric car requires. You are sure to find the right charging box at our partner Helion under this link.

Charging at public charging stations

In order to charge your European electric car at public charging stations, you usually need a Mode 3 charging cable with a Type 2 plug. For American or Asian electric cars, you also need a Mode 3 charging cable but with a Type 1 plug.

Maximum charging power

Most charging stations supply alternating current, but your electric car stores energy in the battery in the form of direct current. This means that your electric car has to convert alternating current into direct current. At the fast charging station, this is done via the station itself. This gives a higher charging power.

To benefit from this, you need a Combo 2 plug, which is an extension of the Type 2 plug. It has two additional power contacts that make it a fast charger.

In summary

For public charging stations, you need the Mode 3 charging cable with a Type 2 plug on the charging station side and a Type 2 or Type 1 plug (depending on whether you are driving a European or an American/Asian electric vehicle) on the vehicle side. For home use, you will need a Mode 2 charging cable.

Ladestecker elektroauto
Ladestecker elektroauto

Type 1 plug, Type 2 plug and Combo 2 plug

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