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Environment and fleet - two words that do not necessarily go together. For you, as a fleet manager, the most important thing is that everything runs smoothly and that there are no vehicle breakdowns. And yet, sustainability is becoming increasingly important for companies. After all, customers are interested in the fact that a company operates in an environmentally friendly manner. So there are already a few things you can easily implement as a fleet manager to promote sustainability in your company.

1. Modernize your fleet - electric cars as company cars

In the car industry, more and more ecologically efficient and environmentally friendly cars are being built. You, as a fleet manager, and your entire company will gain prestige if you commit to the modernization of your fleet and thus to sustainability. In order to make your fleet greener, focus mainly on electric and hybrid cars as company cars.

Carvolution offers a number of electric and hybrid vehicles. For example, the popular Nissan Leaf e+ Tekna or the BMW i3 120Ah fall into this category.

2. Use a fleet management software - greener through paper reduction

It is not only the optimisation of the vehicles that makes a fleet green, but also you, as a fleet manager, can act in a more ecological way. The fleet management software allows you to carry out daily tasks, such as cost analysis or fuel consumption. On the other hand, manual tasks are replaced by digital ones, which not only saves you time and money, but also a lot of paper and allows you to concentrate on your core tasks without losing a lot of time for fleet management. You can save, manage and publish almost all receipts and invoices in digital form. With autoSense, Carvolution allows you to manage your fleet in a simple, networked and data-driven way. An automatic analysis of driving behaviour and costs is generated. If you notice that one of your employees is using more fuel than another, you can intervene and ensure that they drive more ecologically.

3. Save money with fuel and charging cards

Fuel and charging cards help to regulate fuel consumption and keep a good overview. As a fleet manager, you can determine how often and with what fuel employees are allowed to fill up. With Carvolution, you receive a fuel card from AVIA for each car, which saves you 5 centimes per liter. If you purchase one or more electric cars from Carvolution, you will receive a free annual membership of evpass. This includes a saving of 5 centimes for each charge made via the evpass network. You will only be charged CHF 0.45 per kWh instead of the usual CHF 0.50 per kWh. In addition, the basic fee of CHF 1.50 per charge is waived with membership..

The most important things in a nutshell

As you can see, there are several things you can do as a fleet manager to make your fleet a little greener. Carvolution can help you with all these steps, whether you use electric or hybrid cars as company vehicles, with the autoSense fleet software or with the fuel or charging card. Discover all the electric and hybrid vehicles now and create your fleet of tomorrow, for the good of the environment.

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