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Lars shares his experience with Carvolution. Although he was about to sign a leasing contract, Carvolution convinced him. Lars is now on subscription. And he loves his Suzuki Vitara. In this report you will find out why Lars chose Carvolution.

It was October 2017 when I suddenly had to rely on mobility with a car again. However, car sharing services did not convince me, as I do not have a nearby pick-up point in the village and do not always want to be dependent on the availability of a shared car. Furthermore, it is important to me that I feel very comfortable in the car. Although car sharing is sometimes very good, you can also have bad luck and end up with a badly equipped vehicle. Although car sharing may be the ideal solution, one thing was clear to me: I needed my own car. Since owning a car is not a small decision, I thoroughly thought about what kind of car would be the right one. No occasion, obviously, as I knew from friends how often the problems there start to happen shortly after the purchase. But new cars have their price, so I came to the conclusion that I have two options to choose from:

1. to finance a car, or a traditional car purchase
2. to lease a car

After I had the first offers on the table, it was clear that it would be leasing, if anything. The offers were all at a monthly rate between 24 and 48 months. For some, 2 or 3 years may not be very long, but for me that's about 12% of my life so far. Somehow I didn't feel comfortable, but somehow I didn't really have a choice. Therefore I accepted that leasing would probably be my only way to own a car.

But what happens if I lose my job? What if my private situation changes? What if I have to relocate for professional reasons and move back to a city centre and need another car or no longer need one? What if I have a major accident? What if I have parking damage? What if there is an unforeseen large private expense?

Questions over questions. Additionally all the other costs: vignette, taxes, repairs, tyre change, service, insurance - there would surely be 2-3 more, which I haven't even thought about. Of course, new cars still have warranty and probably extra services, but we all know it - when the time comes, you usually end up paying for it yourself, because somewhere the small print excludes exactly this one incident. Despite a bad feeling about all the questions I had a leasing offer in front of me, which I would have accepted.

The leasing would have costed a monthly payment of around CHF 700. In addition, I would have had the mandatory fully comprehensive insurance. Considering my age and many other criteria, this would have cost me approximately CHF 2,500 per year. I would have had to pay a total of CHF 900 per month. If I calculate the other expenses, such as taxes, vignettes, etc. down to the month, I am sure I would have spent CHF 1000-1050 every month - plus all the stress and effort for the individual items. Please note: for a middle class car.

My leasing contract was on the table and I was about to sign it - when I discovered Carvolution. Out of curiosity I contacted them and they made me an offer to which I could not say no. All costs included in one monthly payment and complete flexibility with the mobility of my choice?
In addition, no more expenditure for tyre changes, service, choice and change of insurance? How could I say "no" to that?

My questions about my future and the uncertainty about the long contract period had vanished into thin air and the Carvolution car was ready within two days.

I received the contract documents, signed them and started driving - mobility can be that easy! The service of Carvolution has convinced me and I can only recommend it to you.

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