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A car on subscription. I had never heard of it before, but the offer was promising. Since I am enthusiastic about Carvolution, I would like to tell you what the car subscription is like in my experience report.

The selection

When you want a new car, there is usually no way around complex configurations. At Carvolution I felt quite comfortable in this respect. Sure, they could give some more information about the cars, but basically, it was enough for me. I had chosen the Suzuki Vitara and sent the team a short e-mail with my details and a copy of my driving licence. Meanwhile, they have an online registration form. Contrary to my expectations I had an answer a few minutes later. The request was checked internally and Carvolution was ready to deliver the car to Thusis at the desired time. I had already racked my brains about how and when I could pick up the car. But at Carvolution, cars are delivered on a subscription basis.

The delivery

My Suzuki Vitara was delivered as a subscription at the desired time and place. We signed the contract on delivery. The car was new with a full tank of fuel. I was incredibly happy about my first car subscription. I invited Léa for coffee and wanted to know more about the car subscription. The more I found out, the more people who could use a car subscription came to my mind. The flexibility and cost control are great. For a long time, I wasn't really sure myself how much a car really costs, but it's true: Mobility is expensive and ignoring half the costs doesn't make the whole thing any cheaper. In my case, the car subscription was probably not only the most convenient but also the cheapest alternative to buying a new car.

A small incident

As it happens, the Vitara got hit by a tractor and suffered a small, respectively a real scratch. I called Carvolution and the team assured me not to worry. And the carefree package was not an empty promise. With the subscription, everything is included, except refuelling. Carvolution has always kept this promise and I was always mega satisfied with their approach. No big deal was made of the incident and Carvolution took care of the damage. Had it been my own car, I would have had to argue with the insurance company and the garage to settle the matter. But Carvolution took care of all that on my behalf.

The tire change

Both Mirko and Adrian, came to Thusis with the Carvolution truck and changed the tyres. Just like that, simple and easy. Where else can you find that? I didn't have to store tyres or make an appointment. I had lunch with the two of them and they told me about Carvolution's progress and plans. They are a real start-up, but they don’t seem like one to their customers. It sounds crazy, but they changed tyres all over Switzerland within just a few days.

The return

Due to a non-car related accident, I had to return the car earlier than expected. But thanks to the flexibility of the car subscription, this was no problem. The promise of flexibility was kept. Had I signed a leasing contract, I would probably still be bound and angry. I'm really happy that I was able to return the car without any problems and without having to worry about selling it.

My conclusion on the car subscription

  • I am enthusiastic about the car subscription and Carvolution.
  • Leasing and buying a car would never have offered me this flexibility and carefree package.
  • I keep my fingers crossed for the team and can recommend the car subscription out of conviction.

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