Speeding camera besides a road besides a forest
Speeding camera besides a road besides a forest

If you don't always follow the rules of the road 100% while driving, the police can quickly amend you. In this blog post, you can find out which fines you will have to pay for which violations. You will also find out how your fines are controlled via Carvolution.


As you learned during the driving test, the following speed limits apply in Switzerland:

  • In a locality: 50 km / h

  • Outside a locality: 80 km / h

  • On a highway: 120 km / h

If you pass a speed camera that takes a picture of you and your car because you were driving too fast, you should expect a fine: below you will find a list of the excess kilometers driven and the corresponding fine:

  • 1-5 km / h in a locality: 40.- | outside a locality: 40.- | Highway 20.-
  • 6-10 km / h in a locality: 120.- | outside a locality: 100.- | Highway 60.-
  • 11-15 km / h in a locality: 250.- | outside a locality: 160.- | Highway 120.-
  • 16-20 km / h in a locality: warning | outside a locality: 240.- | Highway 180.-
  • 21-25 km / h in a locality: warning | out of town: warning | Highway 260.-
  • More than 25 km / h in a locality: warning | out of town: warning | Motorway: warning

Depending on the laser or radar measurement, 3 to 7 km / h are generally deducted according to the tolerance.

Running a red light

You thought you could switch to orange, but it was already red and you got flashed? It can cost you up to CHF 250.-.

Crossing the safety line

If you cross the solid line, for example by missing an intersection on the highway or passing a car on a country road, it can cost you up to CHF 350. Because crossing a safety line represents a simple or serious violation of the highway code, both of which are punished with a fine. In addition, depending on the case, there may be a risk of withdrawal of the driver's license for at least a month.

Parking and stopping

You can also be fined if you park incorrectly. Here is a detailed list:

  • Exceeding parking time: 40.- to 100.-
  • Wrong arrival time on the parking disc: 40.-
  • Stop at blind spots: 80.-
  • Parking on a main road: 40.- to 100.-
  • Parking on a bridge: 40.- to 100.-
  • Parking when prohibited: 40.- to 100.-
  • Parking in a disabled space: 120.-

Drinking and driving

If you drive with more than 0.5 per mile, there is a risk of penalties. Up to 0.79 per thousand there is a warning and a fine. Depending on whether or not you have committed a traffic violation, a driving ban of one to three months may be imposed in addition to fines.

If you are driving it is best not to drink alcohol at all.

Fines at Carvolution

If you speed up, park your vehicle in a no-parking zone or run a red light, you will be fined. If you drive your car with a Carvolution subscription, the car is registered in your name. However, the owner of the car is still Carvolution. The police will therefore send the fines to Carvolution and we will then forward them to you.

To prevent this from happening, it is best to always drive correctly ;-)

You will also find an overview of Carvolution and the car subscription.


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