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What forms of financing are available for your own vehicle fleet? For a long time, buying or leasing was the solution par excellence. But today there is a simple and inexpensive alternative: the Carvolution car subscription. Find out why the car subscription is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the business sector, and why it is also the optimal solution for your fleet.

The car subscription at the cutting edge

The Carvolution car subscription differs from buying and leasing in three ways:

  • It is more flexible, thanks to the possibility of monthly cancellation.
  • It is easier to budget, thanks to a fixed monthly price that includes everything.
  • It is simpler, thanks to a minimal administrative process

The car subscription is suitable for your company cars, for temporary needs or employees in their probationary period, as well as for the Car Allowance Programme.

When you buy or lease a fleet of cars for your company, you generally have to accept long commitment periods, which is not the case with the car subscription. You determine the minimum duration, which is entirely adapted to your company and your changing needs. You don’t know exactly how your company’s financial situation will evolve? You choose the duration of the commitment: for 6 months only? Or 36 months? After that, you can simply return your fleet, continue to drive it or exchange it for new vehicles.

In addition, the car subscription is significantly cheaper in terms of fleet financing than buying or leasing your company cars. If you only need them for 6 or 12 months, for example, you can save money with a car subscription. Buying a fleet of cars is only worthwhile if you plan to drive the same cars for at least 6 years. When buying or leasing a car, however, you must not forget that these are fixed costs and not variable costs as in the case of the car subscription. Thanks to the monthly subscription price, you always have an overview of the total costs and can accurately budget the costs of your car(s).

Thanks to the all-inclusive package, you don't have to worry about anything. Everything is included: insurance, taxes, cantonal registration, services & maintenance, tyres change & storage. Tedious administrative procedures are a thing of the past. The car subscription makes your business life much easier.

The advantages of the Carvolution car subscription at a glance

  • Simplicity: The cars from Carvolution are redeemed at the handover and equipped with cantonal number plates. Insurance, taxes, first motorway vignette and seasonal tyres are also already included.
  • Flexibility: Minimum duration can be chosen between 6 and 36 months. After that, you can keep the cars, change them or simply return them.
  • Transparency and planning: All costs are included in the low monthly fixed price.
  • Cash savings: There are no high acquisition costs.
  • Top-of-the-range equipment: We only have new or as-new vehicles.
  • Large selection: More than 30 different models to choose from.

Buying and leasing are no longer in the air

When you buy a fleet, you have to pay high acquisition costs. In addition, you have to take care of insurance, service & maintenance, tyre changes and cantonal registration. These costs are spread over the whole year, making it difficult to keep an overview.

With leasing, the procedures and costs don't look much different. In addition to the down payment and the monthly leasing instalment, you also have to take care of everything to do with the car. Here too, the costs are spread over the whole year. In addition, according to TCS, you always have to multiply the leasing rate by 3 to get to the total cost of your leased car.

Thanks to the monthly fixed rate of the car subscription, you always have an overview of the costs. With conventional forms of financing, you have to deal with sometimes high investment costs as well as fixed and long terms. If your company's needs change, these forms of financing offer little flexibility. The car subscription, on the other hand, not only offers this flexibility, but is also simpler and usually much cheaper in comparison.

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