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In our fast-paced lives, where needs and desires are constantly changing, flexibility is essential. At Carvolution, we see our customers face new challenges every day, whether it's due to family changes or career transitions. In this article, we show you how our car subscription is the ideal solution to seamlessly adapt to these changes without making long-term commitments.

"I never want children are the biggest thing for me" - these words from the legendary and multi-award-winning SwissLife campaign show in one sentence how quickly life can change. Such changes require flexible solutions. This is exactly what we experience every day at Carvolution: a couple who suddenly become parents and need a larger, family-friendly car. Or a senior citizen who is unable to drive and no longer needs their car. In these moments of change, the car subscription offers the ideal adaptability to meet changing life circumstances without making long-term commitments. But what exactly is a car subscription?

The all-in-one car subscription from Carvolution

Carvolution's car subscription is the simple and flexible alternative to conventional car purchasing or leasing. It is an All-in-One package that allows customers to use a car for a fixed period of time without having to make a long-term commitment. This package includes all the essential services and costs associated with owning a car - from insurance, registration and taxes to maintenance, servicing and tyres.

Adaptable in every life situation

The special thing about the Carvolution subscription is its flexibility. Customers can adapt or change their car subscription according to their needs and life situation. The minimum term for the subscription is set at the beginning. Depending on the car, this can be between 3, 6, 12 and 48 months. The subscription is binding for this period. After that, the car can simply be driven on and cancelled monthly if necessary. The more flexible you want to be, the shorter the minimum term should be, as you can switch to another car or return the car at any time afterwards.

Family changes

Whether it's an addition to the family or children growing up - life with a family is dynamic and the demands on a car are constantly changing.

When the family grows, a larger car, such as an estate car or SUV with enough space for child seats, is often required instead of a small car. As soon as the children are older and have grown up, it is possible to switch back to a more compact car. In this blog post, we show you everything you need to know about the perfect family car.

Moving in and out

A car subscription is an ideal solution, especially for expats moving to Switzerland. The duration of the subscription can be chosen according to the planned length of stay - many models are available for as little as six months. If you leave Switzerland earlier than planned or wish to emigrate, you can cancel the contract early and return the car.

Career changes

Carvolution's car subscription offers flexible solutions for different needs, especially in the event of career changes:

  • Career starters: The All-in-One subscription is ideal for career starters. It provides a clear overview of costs and avoids unexpected expenses, which is very helpful when planning your own budget.

  • Job change: If a new job suddenly requires the use of your own car - whether due to poor public transport connections, shift work or other reasons - the car subscription offers quick and flexible solutions. The subscription is also a practical option for those who previously had a company car and now have to take care of their own mobility.


And of course, mobility needs also change in retirement. Factors such as easy entry and exit, good all-round visibility and a low loading height for back-friendly loading become more important with increasing age. In addition, many senior citizens are unsure how long they will remain fit to drive and therefore do not want to make long-term financial commitments such as buying a car. And leasing is often not an option for older people, as they represent too high a risk for leasing companies. With Carvolution, mobility in old age remains flexible and worry-free: if your fitness to drive changes over time, you can return the car before the minimum term expires.


Carvolution's car subscription offers unparalleled flexibility and simplicity, making it ideal for different life stages and situations. It adapts to family changes, career developments and even the transition to retirement. With Carvolution, customers have the freedom to adapt to new life phases without long-term commitments.

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