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A crisp autumn morning, you're running late and just want to drive off in your car. But then this happens: fogged-up car windows. It's a nuisance and robs you of precious minutes. Increased humidity, especially in autumn and winter can cause this. In this blog, you will learn what to do when your car windows mist up and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Why do car windows fog up?

Basically, the lower the outside temperature, the less moisture the air can absorb. If it is a damp morning, raining or even snowing, your clothes will also get damp and you will carry this moisture into the car. Condensation can also happen because of leaking car door seals. However, the moisture can not only be carried into the car from the outside, but also, for example, through a clogged passenger compartment air filter, which would be responsible for the air circulation.

Fogged up car windows - what to do?

If your car windows are misted up, you can open the car door and then lower the windows a little. This allows the moist air to escape to the outside. Then you can dry the misted-up windows with a microfibre cloth, for example. Make sure that you always wipe in the same direction to avoid streaks. Then switch the heating and the fan to the highest setting and, if available, also the air conditioning. The airflow should be directed towards the windscreen. This directs all the air to the problem area.

Measures against misted-up car windows

There are several ways you can prevent your car windows from fogging up. Here are a few:

    • Clean your car windows regularly
      Dirty windows and nicotine cause condensation to build up. Therefore, you should avoid smoking in the car and clean the windows regularly from the inside.
    • Do not take damp clothing or objects into the car.
      Since moisture promotes tarnishing of the car windows, you should not take damp clothes or damp luggage into the car. If you have textile floor mats, you should replace them with rubber mats in autumn and winter.
    • Dehumidifier
      There are special bags or cushions that absorb moisture. It is best to place it near the windscreen. Once it has absorbed enough moisture, it will usually change colour. You can dry it in the microwave or oven and then use it again.

    Never drive with fogged-up windscreens

    Before you start driving, make sure your car windows are not fogged up. Clearing a small part and driving like that is far too dangerous as you will not have a full view of the road.

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